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Can you dig it...

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I just need some help with a small section of the bassline of Can you dig it - it's the guitar solo just after the middle 8.

Look up "Guitar tab" on the net, and you get this:

[color=#000080]"[/color] [color=#000080]Solo, plenty of reverb and work that wah baby![/color]

[color=#000080] e--15---------------------------------------------

[color=#000080]Played twice over B, twice over A, then twice over D"[/color]

Look up the bass tab on the net for the guitar solo and you get:

[color=#000080]"...the bass hits either D or E on the A string and slides to 12th
fret and back repeatedly. Best to experiment with what sounds best for you."[/color]

Jamming along to YouTube, sliding between E and A (frets 7 and 12) on the A string sounds just fine to me, but my band's guitarist insists that's wrong and that I should play B A D roots under the rhthym guitarist's B A D chords, and I'm not convinced this works well for the bass.

Any advice, please?


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