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Bassist AVAILABLE - Nottingham and wherever is near there


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Hi there,

Thanks to a new career in Accountancy (woohoo!) I will be moving from the North West of England to Nottingham (Carrington to be more precise) very shortly so will be looking to join some kind of band/project/any gig really.

I'm on the verge of turning 25, have a few years playing experience, and have been in a few bands before (both original & covers). I have plenty of gigging and some recording experience, and have decentish (well, loud) gear and own car. Can play many styles (apart from Jazz), but suited best and prefers to play Alt Rock.

Will be working standard 9 to 5, but will have to do some sperodic evening / weekend classes for Accountancy qualification. apart from that I should be able to commit 100% of free time.

Would prefer a covers band, as originals mostly go nowhere and require pouring loads of money and time for no or little return (its a necessary gamble to "make it", but I'm not in a position to take that gamble)

Last band's myspace if you want to hear recording (due to nature of the music, I don't play much as that's what the songs require - I play for the music not for myself - I understand that bass is not a lead instrument (most of the time!) and rhythm and timing is usually everything)


If interested, please PM or e-mail me at m.a.taylor.ba"at"googlemail.com ("at" = @) its not my keyboard, just wanting to avoid bots and other internet bad things that spam you.


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[quote name='Blademan_98' post='1342607' date='Aug 17 2011, 12:32 AM']Hi Mike

I really liked 'Break the Line' track.

Hope you find a band soon.

Good luck,


Thanks for listening. Ironically, thats the track I didn't record on! It was recorded before I joined, but the other two tracks are mine.

[quote name='pantherairsoft' post='1342695' date='Aug 17 2011, 08:22 AM']I'll keep my feelers out for you bud - Welcome to 'Gun City' (Shottingham as us locals call it :))


Cheers - Can you recommend any good shops or live music venues Nottingham has - I visited Fuzz Guitars briefly last week and they had some tasty basses in there.

[quote name='yorick' post='1342716' date='Aug 17 2011, 08:47 AM']Dunno if this is suitable... :)


Cheers for the link.

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Bidd -

Music venues you have the big ones;

Rock City / Rescue Rooms for the bigger bands and upcoming bands.

The Maze is a fairly decent small venue and it has a massive variety of bands playing. Great front bar too with loads of real ales.

Bell Inn is great for jazz and cover bands, mostly blues.

Running Horse is another great blues / rock venue and very intimate.

Old Angel is mostly metal/hardcore/punk but I hate it and the "clique" feel does my head in.

There are LOADS of small cafe type acoustic venues too but I am unsure of them. Also loads of venues within the surrounding few miles. There is one right in Carrington where you are moving too called The Hubb (well it was before it shut down, not sure of the name now)

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Hi....I may have answered the ad on join my band? We're an established gigging band from Leicester and we need a bass player. Its because our bass player is a professional session drummer and hes got too much work to fully commit to us. He's hanging around and honoring the gigs we've got so there's no rush or pressure to learn the set list instantly.

We've got a 'heavy sol band' Facebook page and 'heavy sol' demos on YouTube

Can you call me.....07827 916 048


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