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Phil Jones Bass Buddy


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This is fantastic little piece of kit which provides ace tone and can be used as 10 watt practice amp, DI for live or studio work or can be used as a pre amp for a power amp. Bought it last month from a BCer who used mostly for studio work and have used it at a couple of gigs since buying it so has not been abused. As much as I really like the Bass Buddy I still prefer the EBS Microbass II preamp so need to sell the BB to fund the EBS. Comes with box, carry bag and 18 volt power supply


looking for £170 or trade for EBS Microbass II

a few pics can be found here


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[quote name='BassApprentice' post='1301801' date='Jul 13 2011, 12:57 AM']Very nice piece of kit here, I use it mostly for headphone practice but have used it one or twice through a PA and it sounds great either way so have a bump on me and best of luck selling it



cheers matey

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