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FS, Peavey and Ashdown gear: PRICE DROP! Pics added


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Here we have my[b] Peavey Tour 700 Head [/b]in 2u rack mounted flightcase.
A little over 2 years old, and in excellent condition due to flightcase etc.
Pure power, trust me!
[b]£200!! (BARGAIN imo) Buyer collects etc..[/b]----------------------------------------------------------

Also: [b]Ashdown ABM410T 4X10" Bass enclosure[/b]. 600w/8ohm with HF Horn. Just 2 years old with vinyl cover.
This is a bit scratched/scuffed really, but not too bad, and sounds fantastic. Well, you all know the Ashdown pedigree.

[b]£170!![/b], not sure what these go for 2nd hand etc.
Again buyer to collect.

NOTE: Peavey 410tx is sold.
PM me here or email me [email protected]

I live in the Manchester area if that helps.
I am up for a trade for a half decent 5 string bass, some thing like the Ibanez SR600 onwards series??

Ok peeps?

Regards Db

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Peavey cab sold as it is, if you wanna rip the drivers out when you buy it, feel free..lol
It's gotta be worth £50?? Drivers new are over £40 each i believe?

Ashdown is 8ohm/600watt - blueline drivers. with HF!
Sounds great!

Oh, ...BUMP..lol

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