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What would you do??

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Lol sorry, this could get quite long...

I've got some backpay due from student loans (turns out I've overpaid the loan by £600, only taken me 6 years...). I currently own an Ashdown Superfly and a Peavey 115.

I'm just in the process of forming my first band (been away for 10 years...). I stress my back at work, so am well aware of what carrying excessive weight can do to your back. So I want a cab as light weight as possible (rehearsal room has stairs!). To complicate matters, I was going to pay some finance off with the £600 (HD camcorder if anyone's interested), meaning I can take some gear on tick (only finance we have, paid the cars/cards/loans off last year :)).

So my dilemna is this:

I really like the look of the GK Neo gear, but it is all 8 Ohms. So if I went the GK route, I'd either have to get 4x112s (thinking of the weight...), get 2x112s but only be able to use 2/3rds of the wattage of the Superfly or buy 2x112s plus a head...but I don't want to spend that much on tick!!

Second option is to get a pair of custom made 112s from the bass merchant and pay cash. Only problem is they don't look as sexy (yes, I'm a tart :huh: ). Also, what if (when) I decide to get a new head? I'd be restricted to 4 Ohm heads??

Planning on playing pop-rock with the band. I must confess that as I've been away for so long, I doubt I'd be able to tell the difference with boutique manufacturers...

I'm a bit confused!! What would you do?

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