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Shuffley type thing 120BPM All Keys

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Not the greatest and the fill I used will probably drive you mad but anyway here you go

A [attachment=5557:Shuffle_A_120BPM.mp3]
Bb [attachment=5559:Shuffle_Bb_120BPM.mp3]
B [attachment=5558:Shuffle_B_120BPM.mp3]
C [attachment=5560:Shuffle_C_120BPM.mp3]
C# [attachment=5561:Shuffle_C__120BPM.mp3]
D [attachment=5563:Shuffle_D_120BPM.mp3]
D# [attachment=5564:Shuffle_D__120BPM.mp3]
E [attachment=5565:Shuffle_E_120BPM.mp3]
F [attachment=5566:Shuffle_F_120BPM.mp3]
F# [attachment=5567:Shuffle_F__120BPM.mp3]
G [attachment=5568:Shuffle_G_120BPM.mp3]
G# [attachment=5569:Shuffle_G__120BPM.mp3]

Sorry found after the upload it didn't like # in the file name

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Interesting to watch the download counts for each one.

I thought I would stick all keys up rather than just stick to the "easy" ones as it is easy enough to do in Tracktion with a couple of mouse clicks (same with the tempo so long as I have set the loop characteristics correctly) and saves anyone having to pitch shift them.

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