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Phil Jones Suitcase & Cab

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I just got a Phil Jones Suitcase & Extension cab today !

In the last couple of years i've owned the following rigs

SWR SM900 Goliath III & Son of Bertha

Eden WT800 2 x 410XLT's

EBS TD650 2 x Neo 212's

Ampeg SVT Classic & 8 x10

Ashdown Evo 900 ABM 410 ABM 15

Aguilar DB680 & 728 2 x GS410's

Mark Bass SA450 std 410 & 15

I have to say I don't impress easily with bass amplification and as i'm no longer doing any "big gigs" I was looking for something compact but with good fidelity.

This Phil jones stuff is fab !!

Loads of low end extension, good weight to the note but so tight and articulate.

Mids are so open and transparent top end sizzles like miller's tone ! and without a horn !!

There is so much presence to the bass it feels like you could reach out and touch the note !

Slap sounds amazing, those little 5' drivers are so fast with real thump and attack...

It's also got loads more volume than you'd ever expect from something this size, it's genuinely gigable !

Very Very impressive indeed - I think this will be the last rig I ever need or buy.

got a rehearsal with it on Monday with a RHCP Tribute (i'm just filling in for their regular bass player) ...... i'll let you know how it does in the real world



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Yes, would be very interested to hear how it fared. I'm in the same situation, having just off-loaded my 'arena size' rig, I now want something small, compact & portable but 'big-sounding' and I have the PJB stuff in mind. If it's good enough for Bob Babbitt I'm sure it will be good enough for me, but I'd be interested to hear how it went.


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I've not been able to put my bass down over the weekend...... My 1970 Custom Shop Jazz sounds unbelievable !

I'm pretty sure i'll not want for volume

I'll report in here tonight after my rehearsal


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I used the Phil Jones rig last night at my rehearsal, really impressed with the overall tone. In the context of a small rehearsal room in close proximity to a loud drummer and a marshall TSL 2x12 combo and all sorts of noise bleeding into the vocal mic's I was struggling a bit for volume, it's not the rig to punch a hole through a busy mix.

Tonally loads of bottom end.... I have no idea how it goes so low and moves as much air for 8 x 5' speakers, what was lacking was some mid bite, maybe it's not in the amp to deliver it, maybe it's to do with the room acoustics / mix

Overall though...... really happy with the amp


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