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Imelda May

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Anyone have the Bass part written or Tab worked out for Mayhem, I just can't pick it out and have a load of others to get through. Any help appreciated

Cheers Paul. :)

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if you have a mac, there is this great little app called Capo, which i use for digging out bass lines off tracks


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It's easier than it sounds, I'm working on it at the moment and i don't have a tab yet but basically it is almost all in E and has a series of riffs on the minor pentatonic all played at the bottom position. It also goes to C and B in a couple of places.

This is definitely work in progress but it is something like.


Hope this helps. I'm learning a whole set for a new band at the moment but if I get time I'll put this up on UG.

By the way Bamboo I'm looking at my Daphne Blue Jazz bass which is what made me click on this post. Snap

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