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After some discussion it has been agreed between moderators that more clarity is required as to what Basschat find acceptable and not in this forum. To this end the below list has been prepared. It is not definitive and I may have to modify some aspects.

It will have a review date every 6 months and by no means is it meant to be judgmental. It does however conform to the wishes of the site owners.

If you are unsure something you wish to sell is allowed, please contact a moderator before posting. Please do not simply post something and assume we will notify you if it is not permitted. Persistent offenders will have access to the For Sale section removed (thankfully this has not occurred so far).

[b]Other Musically Related Items[/b] ([b]CAN BE POSTED[/b])
PA Systems (Microphones, Speakers, Monitors, Headphones, Mixing Desks)
Other musical instruments (inc - Guitar Amps/Effects Pedals)
Recording interfaces.
Cables (Instrument or power)
Bass/Guitar/Amp hardware (component parts, straps, stands and stools etc)
Instructional DVDs and general music CDs
Gig Tickets (Music only - no comedians here please!)

[b]Not deemed appropriate as 'Other Musically Related Items' [/b]([b]CANNOT BE POSTED[/b])
Non Bass performance DVD's (Bass Day 1998 is ok, Avatar is not).
MP3 Players & Hi Fi components
Laptops/PC's (even if their current sole use is for recording)
Computer Software (e.g. Reason) irrelevant of license status.
Other electronics (e.g. cameras, games consoles, TVs)
General Household goods and appliances
Buildings or property
(This list is not exclusive)

If you see anything posted which you deem inappropriate, please report to a moderator using the Report button next to every post. Your assistance in this will ensure the forum remains dedicated to music, rather than becoming like Gumtree or eBay :). Edited by Hamster

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