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Amp choice for a 410 cab ?


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So, I've tried loads of cabs with 12" speakers, bur having recently bought an old Peavey 410, I prefer the sound of this to all the previous cabs. I use a Hofner Club, semi accoustic with flat wound strings, so I guess theb 410's take out the woolyness.

I'm using this cab with a Peavey Firebass 700, which is ok, but is really heavy.

I'm gonna keep the cab, but which lightweight amp would sound similar to the firebass ? I tried an Orange terror, which was ok with the previoius 12's, but would it suit this P 410 ?

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From my experience, Peavey cabs sound great, and also seem to sound like a Peavey no matter what bass/amp is going through them. The Terror is a great little amp, and also has its own, albeit limited, sound. So really, if you like the Terrors sound, and the Peavey 410s sound, I think you`ll be very happy pairing them together. The 410 may make the Terrors sound a little tighter/more focused, due to the 10s, but for an old-school rock sound, I think it will sound great.

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