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Chord 5 Bass/Guitar Stand Rack

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I just bought a 5 space Guitar Rack/Stand made by Chord, £16.99 + £4.68 P&P, IMHO excellent value - couldn't make one for that!

It was delivered next day, I received an email advising a delivery slot of 16:01 to 17:01 & the knock on the door was - 16:01, absolutely brilliant, why can't all couriers be like that?

Packed in a 'strong enough' plain box, with a picture on the label, which is useful - 'cos there's no assembly instructions/picture/guide. Inside are 7 main parts, (some of the work is already done), with a bag of nuts, bolts, washers & spacers. The top rail is assembled with hinged ends + the neck supports, the top & bottom rails have nice smooth yet firm foam fitted apparently glued in place which is good.
No tools required BTW, all hand tightened fittings.

You don't have to be a genius to work out how it goes together, but some previous experience - perhaps with MFI flatpack furniture - might help . 1/2 hour max! If you're still struggling after that, go down the pub!

A couple of minor issues, there's 2 types of "bolts with knobs on", 2 long & 2 short of each, with no indication of where they should fit I used the roundheads on the hinged parts at the bottom & the ovalheads on the top adjustable height part, seems right to me. Also a pain - the 4 "coach bolts" to secure the lower rail to the feet are all the same length, but the front rail is meant to be raised on 2 plastic spacers to give a slight angle to the way the guitars sit. With the spacers in place the 2 bolts are not long enough to get the wingnuts on so I ended up substituting a couple of M8 nuts for the spacers & all's well.

I found on assembly the bottom rails both needed to be "the same way" or they pulled the frame out of square. The Height adjustable top section I thought fine at it's lowest setting, this leaves the neck support at approx the 7th fret (on a P bass) with plenty of room beneath for the body/horns.

Quite substantial, well made, good materials, decent coat of black paint, nice firm rubber covered touching points, easy access, plenty of space for 5 normal (P bass) size & shape basses. Takes up a lot less area than 5 separate stands! Easy to sling a cover over the whole lot to keep dust off, imagine the barmaid putting a towel over the pumps at time gentlemen please!

It will of course hold other body shapes, Jazzes + other irregular shapes sit comfortably enough, but IMO it's best suited to a collection of mostly P basses :) so my 1 Jazz is out on it's own stand, in the corner, with a gnome!

Recommended, Overall = 9.5/10
Useful 10, Value for money 10, Budget Price 10.
Ease of assembly 9, Finish 9, Materials 9, Design 9.

Cheerz, John (Please excuse my crap photography)

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Thanks for the review! It made me buy one a couple of days ago. Arrived less than 24 hours later and had no instructions but if you look at the picture on the website its all pretty straight forward :)

For the price I thoroughly recommend them too. They do exactly the same as the stands that are double the price.

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[quote name='dudewheresmybass' post='1089485' date='Jan 14 2011, 04:11 PM']was it an ebay buy?[/quote]

No, I got mine from here:


Very fast delivery and the courier supplies a time slot when they will arrive (they'll give you an hour window) :)

I'll get some pictures of mine tonight :)

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Just to resurrect an old thread...instructions can be found [url="http://www.djmmusic.com/mmDJM/Multimedia/180167%20Setup.pdf"]HERE[/url]

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