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Diana Vickers Vs Chili Peppers!!


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[quote name='LLOYDWT' post='997395' date='Oct 22 2010, 06:38 PM']This reminds me of the lawsuits between Joe Satriani & Coldplay last year (If I Could Fly & Viva La Vida) & Cat Stevens & The Flaming Lips a few years ago (Father & Son & Fight Test). It's obvious and inevitable that chord progressions are gonna be reused song after song & by countless artists, however when the melody & phrasing so closely match, it's obvious that something a little less honest is occurring. If an artist covers a song & releases it commercially, the composer is entitled to royalties, I don't really see how this differs, the girl has already conceded she's "taken inspiration" from it. I doubt Anthony Keidis & Co are too bothered about the song, or in need of the extra royalties, but I do think it lacked forethought and respect from Vickers & her label not to clear it before hand. Hopefully it'll get settled out of court and forgotten.


well put.

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[quote name='TRadford' post='993723' date='Oct 19 2010, 04:26 PM']If the Chillis do sue her, it'll make them look like idiots IMO.
They are a massive multi million selling band, she is a nobody wanting her 5 minutes of fame. What benefit will suing her give? They dont need the money and her song is hardly going to affect them is it?.

Yes 2 lines sound a bit similar, but so what, the rest of the song is completely different. Whether she wrote it or not, who cares..Let her get on with it. In 10 years she'll be back in Mcdonalds like the rest of the Xfactor "stars" and everyone will have forgotten her anyway.[/quote]

Debates in the media can suit the injured party, it gets a group of people (the drossy pop lovers) to the attention that there are bands like the chillis who their idols draw from

It would make them look like twats to sue, but if they get short of cash its an option

Diana Vickers has found a way to make some money, assuming she is benefiting as well as the machines behind her, well we all want to pay our mortgage off

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[quote name='Tegs' post='997577' date='Oct 22 2010, 10:07 PM']Life's too short people. I doubt any of us would turn down the opportunities she's had, and worked for. If you don't like it, don't listen to it......... easy! :)[/quote]

Whats this got to do with anything? Why do people read a quater of a post, The question is purely if you think its sounds like RHCP or not and quite a few of us like it just not her voice if you read the whole post. As soon as someone sees X factor or similar in a post they presume you are having a go the same as Mark king threads. On one of those the other day we were 2 pages in and no one had made any nasty comments about him and someone posted the " If you dont like him dont listen to him knock him all you like but he is better than everyone on this forum etc etc" Why where does it come from?

Rant over as they say :lol:

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