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Electro-acoustic bass - help!


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Hi folks,

New here - my first post in fact!

I used to play an electric bass more than 10 years ago, so I'm VERY out of touch with the scene...

I'm now back into music production (as a hobby; not professionally) and am looking to buy an electro-acoustic bass for use at home. Why an electro-acoustic? Firstly, because I've always wanted one! (I love the sound). And secondly, because I don't intend on buying an amplifier - I simply want something I can pluck away at with without harassing the neighbours too much; and also something I can plug-in to my computer for recording audio from time to time.

My budget is very limited - around £200, yeah, I know - not much to play with! So I'm almost certainly going to be looking at the second hand market.

Hence, what I'm looking for are any recommendations you folks might have for a reasonable quality electro-acoustic bass; something I'm likely to find second hand (e.g. on ebay) and that isn't simply cheap because it's rubbish.

I've already read the very useful sticky about basses for beginners, but it doesn't cover electro-acoustic guitars, which I'm posting here.

Any advice gratefully received.


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^ Cheers for the quick replies!

Either of these suggestions look ideal for me... I'm not planning on splashing the cash for a month or so (currently just scoping out the options), so what I might do is post here again when I have a list of basses that I'm considering, to get your opinions on which would be the best buy.

In the meantime, thanks again for feedback - appreciated.

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