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10 hours ago, [email protected] said:

@glassmoon congrats on gig no.1 over here. Nice looking setup, did you put a Delano pickup in the Ray?

Is your 2nd cab another RM210? Mine should be arriving tomorrow. Not even got it and I’m already tempted to add a 2nd 210… just because!

Hey @[email protected]... Many thanks for the kind words.

Yep, the stock pickup was replaced with the Delano and the 2-band EQ with a Seymour Duncan STC-3M3 3-band EQ. It is absolutely impossible to describe the richness of the tone! 

The 2nd cab is indeed a twin of this one. I've not yet played them in anger, but hopefully I will be able to soon. I am certain that you will be more than happy with yours, and yeah, you'll probably want the second one hahaha 

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I've been using a Barefaced BB2 for a while now, and I was happy enough with it, but I decided to try the Genzler 12-3 slant for a change. Partly because I love my Magellan 800 head, partly because I was interested in the line array and mostly because one appeared for sale when I had some money.


I don't want to be negative about the Barefaced cab, it is a monster, but there is something much more focused about the Genzler. The lows are less wooly and the top is less brittle.


The Barefaced moved more air,  that's not really an issue for my main gig, but I think I will buy another Genzler cab soon.


I still prefer my EBS Proline 410, but it's not really a fair fight because that weighs 8 tons and takes up most of the average wedding venue which is my usual gig.


Anyway, I like the Genzler rig a lot, it's perfect for my gig.


Also, by total chance it was a really good fit for the flight case I've had stashed in the garage for years, just needed to be cut down slightly.

Sorry for the dodgy gig pics.




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10 hours ago, glassmoon said:

What an absolute beauty of a bass - I have seen many Sadowskys and this one is simply breathtaking!!!

Thank you Sir

My wife said something similar about a sharp intake of breath when I got the credit card bill.

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Just added a matamp GT150 to my rig! Haven't valved it yet but will do later tonight. Switchable power on the back from 150w to 75w and custom face plate. Can't wait to get it cranked. As ever the guys at matamp have been ace. Top top people. 





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43 minutes ago, zbigniew said:

Fine looking rig, and that Gibson is really cool, I have been wanting to try one like that but they are scarce where I am. 


Thanks! I do have the Gibson up for sale but I gave it another go with a decent setup and i've completely 180'd on it. It sounds huge, easy to play, very lightweight and tonally varied.

I don't think they sold very well originally so they do seem to be few and far between. I got lucky with mine when someone put one on ebay 10 minutes walk from my house :D 

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