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  1. It's too simplistic to blame bad things on religion.


    Essentially all bad things are down to humans and their ideologies. Can't remember who said it but a philosopher said people don't have ideas, ideas have people.


    Religions were just early ideologies. Nowadays it's capitalism, consumerism, individualism, communism etc. The common denominator is people with ideas.


    Better to blame them than Jesus or Allah





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  2. 29 minutes ago, Si600 said:

    I'd have been more impressed if they'd actually made it out of Lego rather than encasing a bunch of bricks in resin.


    <pedant> Lego is an irregular plural, even Lego themselves say so 😉 <\pedant>

    There's no pleasing some people 😄

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Happy Jack said:

    My account is correct, but perhaps it is not clear enough?


    The drummer suddenly announced that he expected the rest of the band to turn up the next day ready to prove - to him - that we were all 'clean'.


    I pointed out that, since he was the one with the problem (the other three of us were fine), it would make more sense for us to re-start rehearsals once he no longer had a problem. He was noticeably less fussed by my response that some Basschatters seem to be. Being vicariously offended is a wonderful stance, isn't it? So convenient, and so totally without responsibility.


    Anyway, there seems to be some confusion about this amongst my fellow Basschatters. The drummer in question is a really nice guy, I enjoy playing with him, and I hope to continue to do so. I don't think I have anywhere in this thread suggested that he should not be allowed to hold whatever views are most appropriate to him, and I recognize that - in his opinion - his views are reasonable and sensible.


    Still with me? Good.


    What the opinionated and entitled amongst us seem to forget is that there is a flip side to this, which is that I am equally entitled to hold whatever views are most appropriate to me, and they should recognize that - in my opinion - my views are reasonable and sensible. 


    We've already had one arrogant clown accusing me of being an anti-vaxer - this from a silly billy I've never met, who knows the square root of bugger all about me - apparently for the heinous crimes of not holding the same opinions as him, and of not taking orders from other band members. Let's not go any further down that cess-pit, OK?


    I think I love you Happy Jack!

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  4. 10 hours ago, Happy Jack said:

    In one of my bands, the drummer announced (at the last minute) that he would only enter the rehearsal space if the other band members could show that they had a satisfactory, recent, lateral flow test. 


    I said I had no interest in being told what to do, and he should contact us again when he was ready to rehearse.


    He was perfectly OK about my response and waited until he was double-jabbed before calling. 

    Love it


  5. 58 minutes ago, Bilbo said:

    Yup - I made that exact same mistake too. When I think back, it was naive, given the rich and bottomless depths of the Art world. I have a lot of affection for Dean but it ain't Carravagio :). .

    He was a fantastic centre back!

  6. 4 hours ago, stewblack said:


    Also an observation on how he sets up a holding pattern as ID fails entirely to come in at the correct place at the start of verses. It's the kind of musical flexibility I love to have with the people in my bands. The script is merely the outline plan, everyone must be ready to go with whatever the singer decides to do.


    A vamp!

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  7. 3 hours ago, stewblack said:

    I quite agree, I didn't turn up nor alter my tone. But how can I enjoy playing if I know my bass sounds sh1te?

    Don't you not get any enjoyment from playing with other people, the vibe of your band rocking, the atmosphere of the venue or even the musicianship of what you are playing?


    Surely that's where the enjoyment comes from and the reason to play live.

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