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  1. Maybe you don't have to get into this subjective, what I like, sales figures, my dad's bigger than your dad stuff. 


    I think he's just saying if you actually listen to things with an open mind you can pick things up that may help you, teach you, improve you or spark ideas. You don't have to like the stuff. I don't think he's saying you have to like everything.

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  2. Many years ago I disappeared down a wattage rabbit hole in the Amps and cab section. It was very enlightening. The main thing I learned I wattage doesn't mean volume.


    Learned all sorts about ohm's, matching cabs, speaker sizes, dispersion etc. 


    It's worth a go

  3. 23 minutes ago, paul_c2 said:

    I bought a train ticket on Friday to get home (Derby --> Capenhurst). I went for the cheapest on Trainpal, although it didn't actually offer a choice (sometimes there is a choice). Sometimes on the ticket you'll see a route restriction such as "not via Liverpool Lime St".


    On my ticket, it said "via Stoke-on-Trent only".

    My thoughts are with you at this difficult time!

  4. 3 hours ago, CookPassBabtridge said:

    I'm really interested to see how the Azure Lagoon looks once all the coats are done - I have also been caught out by the 3 month shelf life and foolishly tried using it on a dark wood - did not go well! Yours looks great already though.

    I'm not so sure yet, going on well in some places and not others. I'm hoping it builds up well but I have no experience in this. 


    I also ordered the silver highlights so if it doesn't look good I may just splurge them all over it. 


    If I'm still not happy I'll end up spraying it in orange nitro.

  5. On 06/06/2022 at 00:56, drTStingray said:

    I’ve heard people say this as well - if you try a Stingray Special you find this doesn’t happen - but they have neodymium pick ups and an 18 volt pre amp so are more powerful.


    Its interesting, I tried out a couple of 70s Precisions a couple of weeks back and was expecting them to sound very different from Stingrays, especially as far as the G string was concerned - curiously they didn’t at all. 

    Having played a couple of deps recently with bands with rock sets, and crunchy guitars, and using a Stingray I found I needed to be in certain parts of the octave and on certain strings to avoid being in identical frequencies to the guitars at times (and to turn up) - to avoid disappearing into the bottom end morass - the guitarists tended to play with lots of bass sound and bar chords favouring the bottom strings - the only other time I’ve experienced this type of problem has been with keyboard players with heavy left hands (and possibly they hadn’t noticed they’re playing in ensemble so don’t need to play absolutely everything). 

    Im afraid that certain parts of bass guitar are going to disappear into the mix when playing in those sort of situations - however a Stingray can most definitely be made to cut through a mix, or alternatively form a part of it by playing technique and EQ - however it should always be judged by the sound coming out of FoH rather than a poor stage mix!! 

    If it causes a problem, best bet is to move on to something else (exactly what I did with Fender P and J type basses way back!!). 

    I always make the guitar players roll lots of bass of their sounds.


    I tell them 'that's not for you'

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  6. I've also sanded the body down today ready for staining. Spent about 2 hrs doing it but I'm not 100% I've done the sides enough. I will probably give them a quick going over again.


  7. The neck is now finished. I'm not over the moon with it. I think I didn't sand it enough before staining so the finish seems a bit thin and uneven. I can live with it though.20220707_134954.thumb.jpg.3ebbf1cdf8003ede447060ebcc489bd3.jpg20220707_135000.thumb.jpg.d9c6c5141eb68250b5085841485b668e.jpg

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  8. Been firing band members since I was 14. Not had to do it though in the last er......lots of years because I struggle to find the right people.


    My best experience though was getting fired from a band I wasn't even in!

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  9. 29 minutes ago, Dad3353 said:


    There'd be less if folk checked their text before submitting their posts. -_-




    :lol: :P

    Pe'ple w'uld also h've less time t' do th'ngs tha' mat'er. 

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