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  1. Day 3 of Hermes Two Day Delivery. 


    1. TheGreek


      I had two deliveries from them yesterday from different drivers...maybe one of them should have been yours.

    2. JapanAxe


      If you read their T&Cs carefully, you find the delivery time is merely an expression of your preference. Seriously.

    3. SpondonBassed



      If you read their T&Cs carefully, you find the delivery time is merely an expression of your preference. Seriously.

      I've got an expression for that.

  2. Looking for an amp repair service in Liverpool if anyone has any recommendations! 

    1. TheGreek
    2. bigthumb


      I think GEE electronics are in Warrington but not far from Liverpool at all. I really need to get my Trace heads to them. 

  3. The little pang of resignation when you have to list bass gear on eBay 😔

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    2. BassApprentice


      Thanks @Teebs as good as they can be just now! I'm just annoyed at having to use eBay as selling platform as there are so many horror stories these days. 

    3. Teebs


      Good luck 👍🏻

    4. TheGreek


      Too many of us have too many Basses we need to sell, I fear...

      (sacrilege saying this, I know)


  4.  Seeing that the only guitar shop in my hometown is closing down. Sad to see the shop where I got my very first bass go...

    1. Woodinblack


      I was happy to see the shop I got my second bass go, they really deserved it!

  5. Man wants a jazz bass, must sell to get jazz bass. Predicament. 

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    2. ead


      Maybe trade something for a Jazz bass?

    3. BassApprentice


      Well, I sold something and got a P Bass instead. Ah well, always the next bass! 

    4. ead
  6. I primarily practice through headphones and just recorded myself for the first time in a long time.....Yikes.

    Very sloppy - need to tighten the technique up!

  7. Anyone know of any shops in Scotland that stock Sire? I know I could easily buy online and return if it doesn't work out but would like to try before I buy (in the future of course) 

    1. MNY


      I am not 100% sure but it looks like Andertons  have got the UK pretty much sewn up, although there might be one or two other U.K. stockists.  Good luck with your search.

    2. Rich


      Yup, from what I can see your choice is pretty much Andertons, Thomann, or secondhand.

    3. BassApprentice


      Thought it might be the case. Just looked and there's 262 Sire bass variations! That's mad! 

  8. Rapidly approaching the point in lockdown where I want to sell a bass just so I can buy a new toy 😂


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    2. BassApprentice


      Not sure yet....Maybe I'll upgrade some pickups on one of them. Just want some thing new to mess with 

    3. bigthumb


      This lockdown has cost be a bloomin' fortune. A government imposed GASfest! 

    4. mcnach


      I sold a car during the lock down, that's how I bought so many toys since 😛

      Too much time spent at the computer, too many temptations...

  9. For those with something in mind, BassDirect are running 6 months 0% interest on all basses and amps...Welp.

    1. Pow_22


      oooh, might have wished I hadn't read this, had my eye on a few bits on their site

    2. LewisK1975


      Worth noting that it's only for NEW products

  10. Found a picture of my old bass and now I want it back...I know who has it.



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    2. lowregisterhead


      We'll both be called as witnesses at the murder trial.

    3. LukeFRC


      ask nicely and wave lot of money in his or her direction?

    4. Dood


      I tried that with an old bass of mine Luke. Understandably, the guy who bought it from me knew how good it was and couldn’t bare to part with it.

      I am still trying to trace an old P bass of mine that is apparently in a studio somewhere in Suffolk / Essex!

  11. Was trying out a few basses earlier and very much lost a volume battle with a guy trying out a Dingwall and Dark glass through a Mesa Combo 😅

  12. As someone who is currently not playing much and has all basses covered (4, 5 and Fretless) I seem to have bought another bass....NBD later today 😅

  13. Who knew it could take so long to sell a P Bass?
    Has everyone already got one? 😅

    1. TheGreek


      Not me...I don't think I've ever owned one.

    2. prowla


      I've got one I built from parts; it is really very good and I've no plans to buy another.

    3. bridge


      I think its the time of year Dude, I am selling two BF compacts, normally go well, but not a chance yet.

  14. Well, that's it. Converted to tapewound strings 😁. So smooth but still with bite.

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    2. Raslee


      I have some of the black Fenders on my acoustic and i'm now a convert too...agree though the shiny coating is a bit weird.

    3. TheGreek


      I've been using Status Black Tapewounds for a few years now....not exclusively, there's a time and place for roundwounds too.

    4. SpondonBassed


      On pianos, that's a good place for 'em.

  15. Was just subject to my first attempted Gumtree scam. 

    Always fun. 

    1. big rob

      big rob

      really come on then spill the beans, warn the rest of us of the dangers out there. 

    2. Marc S

      Marc S

      Ah, sorry to hear that. Hope everything works out OK for you :(

  16. For those of you with a persuasion for ACGs - it may be worth your time in becoming a member of the ACG Owners group on Facebook. There's going to a be some very nice basses for sale in the near future.

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    2. BassApprentice


      @TheGreek he's a mutual friend of ours and has no less that 13 ACGs I think and he's planning to sell the majority of them in the near future. They'll be some prototypes and other raritys in there. They may appear on here as I'm sure he's a member here too. 

    3. Clarky


      Pretty sure he is on here (albeit infrequently) as @Scoop

    4. mangotango


      I might know of him...a bit. ;)

  17. That twang of annoyance everytime I hear 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' knowing I'll never be able to play it as cleanly as Norman 😅

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    2. NickA


      that riff in call me al .... near impossible.  But heard a South African bass player name of Schalk Joubert a few years back who can do that and any other S African township riff to order.  Amazing player.  5-string bart rigged afzelia dolphin into a little SWR working man combo.  Sounded great.

      As for "hit me" saw Norm playing that in our local music pub a couple of years back ... blow me .. but have you seen the length of that guy's fingers!!

    3. BassApprentice


      Fun fact about that lick in Call Me Al - it's backwards. Recorded then played in reverse in the record, hence why it's impossible as the phrasing is, well, backwards 😁😂

    4. Soledad


      that is SO cheating. And all these years never knew that. Still fairly bonkers player though. You have to spend years locked away from polite society to come out playing like that. Bit like Alan Rankine on 'Party fears two'... "That's not really how we do it, son".

  18. Oooft, a very nice Bolt On Thumb for sale on Facebook if that's your thing 


    1. Soledad


      Looks like a cracker for a 90s 5er, full of woods they can't use anymore - ovangkol body etc. Won't hang around at 795 asking. Lucky foe me I'm not buying basses anymore :)

  19. Think I've found the pickup config I like most. Either P or J but with a big ol Humbucker at the bridge. Just works for me

    1. TheGreek
    2. mcnach


      Yup, a big bridge humbucker is where it's at. Paired with a P, for me. 

  20. Royal Mail excelling themselves this week 0 for 2 so far.....

  21. I see that Bass Direct now have Super 5s with Laurel fingerboards in. 



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    2. BassApprentice


      Good point.

      Only balls would be mine on the chopping block if I cave and buy one! 

    3. CameronJ


      Hahaha. Yeah, I saw the new stock yesterday. They look tasty!

    4. TheGreek


      That purple Chowny SWB looks amazing...

  22. Quick question - can you use a Zoom B3/B3n as a recording interface via usb?

    1. JapanAxe
    2. LukeFRC


      @BassApprentice -
      As an audio interface:  B3 yes. B3n no. 

  23. Why don't Sandberg do a Shell Pink? A soft aged shell pink VM4 would be an instant buy.

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    2. BassAgent


      Sure, they'll build you one. I think I've seen pink Sandbergs.

    3. BassAgent


      It's not shell pink, but it is pink:


    4. BassApprentice


      Ooooh, reason I said as pink wasn't on the configurator. Those pinks are a touch pink. Going to drop Sandberg an email.

  24. One afternoon spent in Bass Direct. What a shop Mark has. So helpful and let me put my grubby mitts on anything I asked. Some very nice basses in stock but that Kingston Super 5.....

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    2. CameronJ


      @BassApprentice, mate, that’s exactly what happened to me last time I went to BassDirect. I had no choice but to take the Super 5 home with me! Such a great bass. Treat yourself :biggrin:

    3. BassApprentice


      @CameronJ I thought you had one! I've been eyeing them up and definitely didn't disappoint. Might consolidate the collection a bit and get one! 

    4. CameronJ


      Yep. The neck profile and versatility of the preamp were too good to ignore. The coil switches on those fat humbuckers are glorious, and the 3 band EQ is the icing on the cake! What other basses are currently in your collection?

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