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  1. 5 hours ago, walshy said:

    So my delivery arrived from @Ashdown Engineering today, the eagerly anticipated Nate Mendel CTM300 and the matching 610 I had commissioned to match. What a beautiful pair! They sound bloody lovely and arrived just in time for a live stream gig we have tomorrow. Can’t wait to crank it up! Oh, the little box is an ABM600, not tried that yet!

    Huge thanks to Mark, Lee and @AndyTravis for hooking me up and getting me front of the queue. A few pics for you to look at 😁






    That is just stunning. And the rest of the collection looks pretty tasty as well!

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  2. I just tried a bit of quick and dirty recording (bearing in mind that I have absolutely zero experience of home recording) and it was very straightforward on my Windows 10 laptop. Plugged everything in, opened up Audacity and tweaked a few levels about, and off to the races I went!

    Probably not the highest quality available, but for what I paid, and the ease of process, I'm very happy with it.

    Regardless of the recording capabilities, I still think it is a stonking little headphone amp.

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  3. I've just had an Ashdown TonePocket arrive and after a few minutes of noodling, I am very impressed!

    Ashdown Tonepocket - wzmacniacz słuchawkowy/interfejs dla basistów ...Has everything I need (simple EQ, aux in,) plus can be used as a DAW interface which I am hoping to experiment with over the weekend.

    Rechargeable so I don't have to be tethered to the wall, which is quite nice if I want to sit out in the garden and noodle.

    Only 'gripe' is that I had to buy an adaptor for the headphones, but that is really minor for me.

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  4. I had the ABM900 EVOIII (essentially two of the 500s in one unit) and thought it was a very good amp. Classic ABM tone, so warm and full with a nice flexible EQ.

    I got an ABM 600 EVOIV and this absolutely blows the previous generation out of the water. There is a lot more oopmh and power, it has a lot more presence, the EQ seems even more flexible (and not just because of the 2 extra bands), the drive sounds better... The EVOIV is just a better overall amp I think.

    Ashdown clearly had a lot of high level players using the EVOIII, and it was much loved, but they chose to overhaul it and they did a fantastic job; the EVOIV is a fantastic amp that takes everything I loved about the previous ABM generations and gave it a serious boost.

    I don't think it is worth comparing the spec sheet with regards to output power because the presence of the EVOIV compared to the EVOIII is so much more than the spec sheets would suggest.

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  5. Glad you got it sorted.

    Enjoy a truly stonking head! Give the switches along the top a good workout to try and see how versatile this amp can be. Each has quite an effect on the way the knobs react as well, so there is plenty to experiment with. The only constant on mine is the Shift switch stays engaged because it just hits so good!

  6. 43 minutes ago, simon88wilson said:

    Thumpinator just arrived in the post. Thought I’d get one, (mostly for the wah pedal is can go very low) 

    also velcroed my earplugs case onto the board so I always have them 

    so chain is now:

    Tc Polytune > Tc Spectracomp > Wilson mini freaker > Cog Effects Tarkin 66 > thumpinator > EHX small stone. 




    What is the rationale behind having the Small Stone after the Thumpinator?

  7. 2 minutes ago, CameronJ said:

    @BruceBass3901, prepare for your wallet to get a bit lighter xD

    Thanks for the warning 😅 Just had a NBD, but Dingwalls have always intrigued me, and I only got to try one for about 10 minutes at the London Bass Guitar Show through a Darkglass amp which was a bit too 'ice-pickey' sounding a combination at the volume and tone required to compete with the room full of slap licks.

  8. That is absolutely stunning. Amazing colour, particularly with the maple board.

    I really need to try out a few Dingwalls, because seeing so many gorgeous examples on here is giving me serious GAS.

  9. 10 minutes ago, Newfoundfreedom said:

    So he's doing joined up lessons so students know where they are?

    That isn't what player's path does. This gives particular pieces to learn, practice and work through, in a similar fashion to the grading system used for many instruments, particularly in schools. There are then particular courses and lessons which are attributed to to certain pieces based on the techniques required, the theory at the foundation of the piece, etc.

    Totally get that Scott''s style isn't for everybody, I find him a bit waffley sometimes, but I learn and like having the resources.

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  10. 12 minutes ago, Merton said:

    I'm actually selling my Four10 now, lacking in gigs... :(

    Reading that was a rollercoaster of emotions for me... Starting with temptation and excitement (opportunity), touch of jealousy (''he must be upgrading''), then just... SAD.

    Fingers crossed we can all get out and gigging again

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