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  1. Coming to the realisation that for every hobby I have, about 75% of my actual enjoyment comes from learning about the equipment and getting my nerd on

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    2. jezzaboy


      What, you mean I`m supposed to actually play all this crap I have spent a fortune on? Well you learn something new all the time!

    3. lownote12


      Axeshirley, if I'm REALLY honest, not only do i not like music, I'm not that keen on bass gear.  I just like sending and receiving cardboard boxes.

    4. geoham


      Likewise... when I got in to photography, I spent weeks researching before I actually bought a camera. Then more time than I've ever spent taking or processing photos. Likewise with homebrewing... although arguably the fruits of that hobby takes up plenty of time too!

  2. Is NPGD a thing? New PickGuard day?

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    2. bassbiscuits


      By that logic though, i might stick a new pickguard on my head to disguise my terrible Lockdown Haircut TM

    3. SpondonBassed


      I've just realised that none of my basses have pickguards.  Maybe that's why nobody will play with me...?

    4. lowregisterhead


      Pickguard? Surely you mean scratch plate!

  3. With a bit of luck, tomorrow will be a NBD!

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    2. BruceBass3901


      I'll sort a thread out tomorrow 😉

    3. Rich
    4. BruceBass3901


      All is right again chaps 😉

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