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  1. This is my old rig and she's already sold.
  2. Well guys I went I looked and I compared and all I can say is wow. Both amp and cab combinations were great. But the littlemark tube800 won me over and the traveler cabs just amazing I can only assume they fill those damn things will helium or something because I cannot understand how they get that power handling from something that compact and light. So I have gone for the 210 cab and the 115 cab in the traveler range and the littlemark tube 800. Now I've got to try and sell my Ashdown rig. Wish me luck.
  3. Cheers for all your contributions I'll let you all know how I get on tomorrow
  4. Cheers guys it's good too know that I'm looking in the right place and more volume is a must as my Ashdown seems lacking. But more bottom end is also going to be needed as I'm playing more outdoor and large venues. And my current rig just gets lost.
  5. Thanks that's good to know both amps have a lot going for them so it's going to be down to personal taste now really. I'm taking my current rig with me as a benchmark so I won't be going in blind. And as mentioned earlier I will see just how loud these amps are as I have mine to compare it's then just a case of finding the right cabs to go with the head I choose. I think it's gonna be a long day. But a lot of fun.
  6. Yes I know that's why I'm changing the whole rig on just the amp I'm looking at cab from both brands too but heads tend to be the part that break down I e overheating and such. And as they are class d solid state so I'm just wondering about there reliability.
  7. Well I'm not overly fussed on the 750 anyway it's bh800 I'm looking at and the little mark 800 tube tomorrow and as I said I'm looking for people's views on reliability as my current rig which is Ashdown has served me flawlessly for five years and has been bullet proof even in direct sunlight. I'm just finding I'm in need of more power as the Ashdown seems lacking for a 600w head and as we are now playing more outdoor events and larger venues it seemed the right time to upgrade.
  8. I'm going to try them both but it was more a case of how reliable they are and whether anybody had any experience with them and to my knowledge the RH 750 is 750 W or so it states on the websites how have you come to the conclusion that it's 236 w
  9. Hey everyone it's been a while since I posted last but here goes. I'm looking to update and improve my rig with a new head and cabs. I'm going to audition the above mentioned brands tomorrow and I'm looking at the 800w class d models in both brands. Little mark 800/tube. TC bh800. What I'm looking for is any reviews with regards to durability and reliability And if any of you have used or own the TC bh800 Is the tone print something you use regularly or is it a gimmick that soon becomes tiresome and annoying? I'm also going to take a look at the TC rh750 as this has had some fantastic reviews also. Thanks in advance Mark.
  10. Ive just purchased one of these fom ebay and im absalutely discusted with it there is all kinds of interference when you play a note. The cable seems to be very cheap so when you move it around it crackles and i have tried using it at my local studio and on my ashdown rig with diffeent cables and it makes no difference at all plus i have noticed that when you tap the transmitter you can hear it through the amp. i do hope i have a duff one as it bloody shoddy for ashdown in my opinion and i would expect a much better product from them. Markus
  11. Yeah i have to say im very happy with my purchase it looks so nice i am a little upset with the fact that i couldnt have the maple neck but it really did sound different so for the difference in sound it seemed to make more sense to go for the rosewood neck. It really does look lovely still so i cant complain i may get a maple neck for my p bass instead lol Markus
  12. [quote name='Marvin' post='753923' date='Feb 22 2010, 03:25 PM']I would have probably felt differently if I'd got the maple neck, and not been keen on the rosewood All said it's a very good bass for the money. It was either the SR300 or a Squire VMJ, both very good but the Ibby felt more me. All the best with your new purchase Rich[/quote] Weel what do you know i didnt get the maple neck despite it looking fantastic it just didnt sound as nice i didnt realise that the necks being made of a different wood made such a difference. still never mind i still got the candy apple red one and i loved the sound im very happy with the look weight and sound of the ibanez im very happy with my purchase. <arkus
  13. [quote name='BottomEndian' post='757702' date='Feb 25 2010, 11:07 PM']Nope, it's a mono amp with two separate power amps, each running at 500W into 4 ohms, just like Pete said -- effectively two 500W bass heads in one box, both sharing a preamp and EQ stage.[/quote] ok i didnt realise that if that is the case and it has two amps that share eq settings then there is no problem with running the two 4 ohm cabs on it then and as they are 350 each that will give you plenty of head room. Markus
  14. [quote name='pete.young' post='754399' date='Feb 22 2010, 09:23 PM']I don't think this is quite right. According to the manual, the LGs are 2 x 500 Watt into 4 Ohms, not 1000W into a single 4 Ohm load. What the OP probably needs is either a pair of 500W-ish 4 Ohm cabs, or two 350W-ish 8 ohm cabs. I suspect you wouldn't really notice the difference in overall volume between running each side at 4 or 8 ohm. When I had a technical question about a piece of Ashdown gear, I emailed the support line and got an answer back the same day. I suggest that rather than guess, or spend a load of money on something you don't need, it might be worth doing the same.[/quote] If the amp was a two chanel amp then you would be right but i think you will find it is a mono amp and there for it is a 1000w amp it has two outputs so that you can run two cabs off of it from seperate outputs so that any one lead is not under to much load my ashdown amp has two outputs on it and they can run at four or eight ohms but i cant run two 4 ohm cabs on it if you run two four ohm cabs then the amp will run at two ohms and unless it is designed to the amp will not be happy and it will probably result in the amp failing. if it turns out that the amp is a stereo amp which i doubt but its possible then running the two cabs will be fine but i would check that first. Markus
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