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  1. i have to agree with Gene Simmons - have you heard some of the lines he puts in to some of their earlier material? he manages to provide just the right line for the song.
    if you listen to the line he plays in "rock and roll all night", and then realise he sings against it as well! GIT!
    also i must echo Neil murray - his time in Whitesnake was seminal for me, as it made me realise what an essential part the bass player has in making the song move. his sound was beautiful. It's such a shame that he doesn't get the props he deserves. after all he played with Whitesnake, Sabbath, Brian May, as well as we will rock you!
    Also i have to add my voice to those suggesting Steve DiGiorgio - what a player! Listen to the first Control Denied album if you are in any doubt!
    and finally FRANK BELLO

  2. i always have pedals - it's just the quantity that changes.
    one gig requires more textures and sounds than another and therefore has the big pedalboard. others that don't need such a variety only get the small board.
    since i mainly run straight to desk via DI with IEM/ wedge, the only tone shaping i have is with either the Hartke VXL or MXR M80

  3. i have a nano muff, and a nano pocket metal muff - both really well made, and both sound great.
    students of mine have both the pocket metal muff and the nano clone. all of which sound fantastic.
    all in all i'd recommend trying them, and as a bonus the pricing is quite competitive across the net!

  4. [quote name='tayste_2000' post='39593' date='Jul 31 2007, 04:34 PM']It's also got 3 18v's as its a straight rip off of the Dunlop brick[/quote]

    at a fraction of the price!! - £69 vs £130 (on bass centre website!)

  5. [quote name='Toasted' post='33587' date='Jul 18 2007, 01:40 PM']I thought it was OK, but you need to use the bespoke power with it... IIRC. Which is no good for me.[/quote]

    a bespoke power suply is not neccessary. it runs beautifully from my Gator Gbus 8

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