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  1. Hallo to all.I have an electroacoustic bass takamine eg512c.the problem is that the preamps clips was broken and I can't play on amp.could you know where I can find a replacement part.I try to contact with takamine but no one answer.

  2. For sale an Ibanez st 824, bass, made in japan 3/1981, walnut, bolt on.
    It has many cosmetic marks and one small in the first fret from a string. The hardware and electronics are all original and in perfect condition.
    It comes without case and ships from Greece.
    I am also looking for an aria pro elite I bass.

  3. Hallo to all.I have a takamine eg512C electroacoustic bass. The "box" of the preamp (is the preamp withaout the tuner), it has broken clips so the preamp moving and I can't play with amplifier.Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?

  4. Hallo to all. Sorry for my English. I have an AMPEG SVT 4 PRO bass amp.I bought it from USA with 110V.I am from Greece.Here we have 220V. Now i use the amp with an external transformer 110 to 220V.The question is if anyone have the same problem and what he do for this. I would like to know if I could do something inside the amp. I contact with ampeg and they send me the following answer :
    Thanks for writing. This particular amp requires more than just a fuse change, but will also require that the transformer be tapped, if that option is available. Most SLM (Saint Louis Music) amps after 2003 have a transformer that can be tapped.

    According to the serial number, the SVT4Pro was manufactured in August, 2005.

    However, if the transformer cannot be tapped, you would need to get an external step down/step up transformer, depending on the voltage of the amp and the voltage of where the amp will used.

    Just as a side note, taking a domestic unit out of the United States automatically voids the warranty because international trade agreements.

    If you would like to get schematics to see if the transformer can be tapped, please read, fill out, and reply to the information below:

    All the Best,[/color]
    I don't understand the "transformer ca be tapped". A guy in a local service center told to me that he can change some cables and the everything it's ok. I am afraid if this its a problem from the amp.

    I hope you understand. Thanks

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