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  1. I live in athens. The problem always is the money. I can't spend much of them. I always prefer the j pickups. The westone is from a project. I have it, convert it to fretless. As a fretless bass I think that is better to have a j pup on it.This is my first fretless so i'm not sure for this.

  2. [quote name='pineweasel' timestamp='1490032131' post='3261601']
    I did exactly the same things to my Thunder 1-A about 30 years ago. Defretted then put a cheap J pickup in. I added a three way switch and connected everything up before the pre-amp and everything worked fine. There's an active/passive switch so you can simply bypass the pre-amp anyway if that's what you want.

    I was thinking something like that but I dont know. Do you have any photos of the wires and pickup?

  3. Hello to all. I have a westone thunder 1A bass that i've convert in into fretless.
    I think about to add a j pickup and convert it to pj. I was wondering what i have to do with the electronics cause they are active.
    If you have any sudjestions let me know.

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