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  1. Which usually contain a rudimentary couple of strips of expanded polystyrene
  2. I recently sold a BB415. The buyer didn't live that far away but with current movement restrictions, my only option was to send it to him via a courier. I've sent loads of basses with couriers in the past and thankfully, not had one bad experience. I didn't have a hard shell case but spent about an hour wrapping it in bubblewrap. Anyone that has received one of my bubblewrapped basses will know that they will withstand anything short of a direct nuclear strike. The first thing I noticed when pricing a courier is how much prices have shot up since I last posted a bass, but as I entered my details, a message flashed up "any items not in a cardboard box or jiffy bag will incur a surcharge". I tried a different courier and got the same message so I decided to try another website. As soon as I typed 'bass guitar' into the item box, I got a message saying "It looks like you're sending a restricted item". I checked the restricted items list and it stated "Guitars will be transported on a no compensation basis". I went back to the original site and checked their restricted items, which stated "Musical Instruments unless in a hard case". I ended up refunding the buyers money. Certainly an eye opener for me. Doesn't look like I'll be offering postage on future bass sales
  3. I love that, the Gobasserk Signature BB. I want one
  4. Why does my 'BB300' alert never pickup BB300's?
  5. It looks identical to the Tanglewood Artisan A6 that I bought from the Cranes of Swansea stand at the Music Live exhibition, many years ago at the NEC in Birmingham. The figuring is remarkably similar. I will have to look at other photos I have to see if it is indeed the same one. It was a lovely bass to play. The Mighty Mite pickups were a bit meh but the neck was lovely. Really regretted selling it. The show offer price was £275 (brand new) but that was quite a few years ago now
  6. My current three My original Vintage White BB425, latest acquisition Tobacco Burst BB425X and recent acquisition Wine Burst BB415
  7. I haven’t posted photos yet
  8. Yamaha BB415 & BB425X. Two failures and we’re not even two weeks in
  9. I can't get a good approximation of either Pino Palladino (Paul Young) or Tony Levin (Sledgehammer) pitch shift out of my Zoom B1on
  10. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that thinks this. I had a TRBX504 and I'd never played on such a shallow neck before. It was like a rosewood topped ice lolly stick
  11. I sold a Yamaha BB414 to Paul. Couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Quick to answer emails and messages and kept me informed from start to finish. Top bloke
  12. Scanning Facebook Marketplace earlier this evening, I spotted a listing titled Squier Jazz Bass. What was pictured was clearly a natural finish Vintage Modified Squier Jazz. The asking price? £100. It was not far from me and I’d always fancied getting my hands on one and changing all the hardware for black items. Then, the kick in the nether regions, ‘Listed over 2 hours ago.’ I gave it a go but sometime later received a two word reply, Pending Collection. No shocker. I bet her inbox was crammed full of ‘Is this still available?’ messages. Gutted, bargain of the year so far. What’s the biggest bargain that’s slipped through your fingers, gear wise?
  13. If only this were nearer. I was looking for a backup for my BB425 but I wouldn’t mind the 425 being the backup
  14. >>>>>> PRICE REDUCED TO £155 <<<<<<< Initial listing price was a bit ambititious, to be fair. This is more appropriate considering age and condition When I bought this 414, back in August, the previous owner had stepped back onto the controls, cracking the top of the control cavity. My solution was to fit a Stingray like control plate and wire the bass V-V-T. Personally, I think the extra bling of the chrome control plate sits well with the chrome bridge and pickup surrounds. I’ve decided to switch fully to five string and am now looking for a TRBX505 to sit alongside my BB425. The bass is in good used condition with age and use related minor dinks and very light surface scratching (pictured below). Plays really nicely (as have all Yamaha’s I have owned). Nice straight neck with low action
  15. 8lbs is very light for a 5-string. My BB425 is 4.4kg (9.7lbs)
  16. It was seeing/hearing Tony's BB that sparked my interest in the range
  17. If I can sell my Vintage Wineburst BB414 and the red one's still available........
  18. A modern C profile, somewhere between a Jazz and a Precision width wise. Personally I find them extremely comfortable (I find narrow Ibanez SR necks too narrow and Yamaha TRBX necks too shallow). The neck was the selling point when I bought my first. I had a BB424 and the neck on that felt different and not as nice
  19. Thanks. I love that Tobacco Burst. Sorely tempted to get it to sit alongside my Vintage White BB425
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