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  1. Perhaps the seller meant it was made OVER the WATER in China
  2. I have a BB425 and a SUB Ray 5 and the difference in the spacing feels much greater than it really is. Strangely, I find the tighter spacing on the SUB the more comfortable of the two
  3. Played two gigs at the weekend. The first was awesome and a great send-off for the landlady/landlord who were off to pastures new a couple of days later. The gig the following evening wasn't so good (for me). I spent the best half of the second set being pestered by a couple of the younger audience members (mid twenties). The first kept pointing at my backup bass and mouthing the words 'Can I play your guitar?', to which I repeatedly replied 'No!'. The second guy mistook the band for a live karaoke and kept squeezing himself between me and my mic to sing along tunelessly to the band, treading on my Zoom B1on every time he did, changing patches. Thankfully, I'd taken the B1 out of the effects loop otherwise the audience would have been treated to a demo of all the different patches stored therein. Eventually the Pub Manager stepped in and took him away. As we loaded out at the end of the night, the first guy stopped me in the doorway. "I really wanted to play your guitar." he said, smiling. I smiled back and answered, "I know you did." The joys of the pub gig, eh?
  4. Andy charged me £120 which I thought was a bargain and his work is top notch I am indeed 😉
  5. The ebony fretboard was fitted by Andy Viccars in Milton Keynes. The neck was later transferred to the 'Chocolate Orange' BB414 that I believes still belongs to a BC'er
  6. Sadly not current. All been moved on. My BB414 count is well into double figures since the model's launch. In the past, I've also owned 3 x BB415's, 1 x BB424X, 1 x BB1024, 1 x BB350F, 3 x BB300, 1 x BB1500, 1 x BB1100S and 2 x BB405's. My only current BB is a Vintage White BB425
  7. Be careful, you're treading a dangerous path
  8. Such is the power of 'the grass is greener' strain of GAS, when in fact, the grass is often straw like with bald patches and moss
  9. The BB425 is a heavy lump but I seem to have gotten a second wind. Fast approaching 58 years of age, totally unfit and morbidly obese but still able to play a two hour gig with the BB425 slung around my neck
  10. I have been gigging exclusively with a Fender Rumble 500v3 for a couple of years now. I used to lug two 4x10's and a Hartke LH1000 around. It was a back breaking rig and totally unnecessary other than to intimidate the guitarist with his puny 4x12. The Rumble's 2x10 extension cab rarely leaves the cupboard it lives in. The combo is more than man enough for any gig that I'm likely to do and is an easy lift back to the car
  11. Richard Bona and Jerry Barnes already announced. I'm in
  12. It did look nice. I've always preferred natural finishes. Wish they'd done the BB424X and BB425X in natural
  13. I love that. If ever you sell it .......
  14. I would give one of my kidneys for a tone like this https://youtu.be/KAxY35fp1aU
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