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  1. MoJo

    Eastwood Klira Beatle Bass

    I was always of the impression that Eastwood were a supplier of Eastern made budget range instruments. Looking at the prices on their website, this doesn't appear to be the case
  2. MoJo

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    Up there with 'I'm never drinking again' as one of the biggest lies one tells oneself
  3. Nor me, though I wasn't expecting to. Never do
  4. MoJo

    Geddy Lee NBD - Pickguard Help

    Black all the way
  5. As beautifully made as the Fodera is, I don't like single cuts and my initial thought, when I watched the video was, $11000, I could sell that and get the vintage Precision I've always said I'd get if I won the lottery Quite fancy the Trickfish head though
  6. Buyer beware. Chinese 'Ibanez style' bridge, bought from a Chinese seller on eBay. Strung with Dunlop Super Bright 45-105 Nickels. You should be able to see in the photo below that the base plate has bent after the rearward fixing screws producing a gap at the back of .040" (1mm). Not good
  7. MoJo

    Vintage v4

    This is my 'go to' V4. It's the same model as in Stu_G's post but with the pick guard from a Tony Butler signature model fitted (sourced from JHS)
  8. MoJo

    Hi Basschat

    Welcome to the forum Hugh. Feel free to peruse the classifieds and feel the GAS grow
  9. MoJo

    New Fender MIM Player series replaces Standard

  10. I really don't like Geddy's current tone preference. Much preferred his bass tone on the earlier albums
  11. Is Rickenbacker a dirty word..........? Actually, it's my safe word
  12. MoJo

    How do you clean strings?

    I concur
  13. MoJo

    How do you clean strings?

    I sweat most when I'm asked to sing a lead vocal
  14. I like that SR3006. I don't think I'd sell it, if it were mine
  15. I've just seen this and done a little sex wee 😜