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  1. I’ve not played a 435 but, from videos I’ve watched, they don’t nail the 415/425 tone that keeps me coming back to them
  2. It was good to meet you, if rather briefly. I'm glad you're enjoying the Camel
  3. No mate, this one Only £75. Someone beat me to it. Thought it was you when you said Aria
  4. You bought that? Damn! I just missed out on that and only just up the road from me
  5. Neither lol. They’re SM66 Stainless 40-60-80-100
  6. Rotosound 66 Swing Bass or Fender 7250
  7. The BB1500a. I wish I’d hung onto that one
  8. I’ve owned an estimated 14 x BB414’s (including the two I currently own), 3 x BB415’s, 2 x BB424’s, 2 x BB425’s, and 1 x BB1024 but I’ve never owned a BB614 I’ve also owned 3 x BB300, 1 x BB350F, 1 x BB404, 2 x BB405, 1 x BB1100s and 1 x BB1500a You could say that I’m quite fond of Yamaha BB’s
  9. Nowhere near me either. I have a friend who has an identical 614 that he doesn’t play any more. He’s switched to short scale. Perhaps I should ask him if he’s interested in selling it
  10. I wondered if a 614 with the EQ set flat would sound like a 414
  11. Thank goodness for @AndyTravis's BB Radar. That's all I can say. I thought I'd take this opportunity to raise a question that I've always wanted to ask. The pickups in the 414 and 614 seem to be identical. I imagine they are exactly the same pickups. In which case, if a 614 had a active/passive switch fitted, it would be possible in theory to create the BB614s, combining the best of both models. Am I correct?
  12. I've always replaced mine with a Switchcraft equivalent. The original switches can be glued. I have a couple in my tool box that have been glued back together with superglue and the repair seems incredibly strong.
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