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  1. Thanks. It looks ace. I was just thinking to myself, ‘how’s he got the threaded inserts for the bridge to stay in the body?’
  2. I’m the same and went out of my way to find a Precision that closely matched our guitarists Buttercream Strat
  3. You’re a prime example. A troublemaker by the sound of it 😂
  4. If you follow Scott Whitley on social media, he has recently bought a five string BC Rich Widow bass as a project. It sounds ace when he plays it, bright and snappy when slapped and popped. Even Scott himself was pleasantly surprised with how good it plays and sounds. I couldn’t see him playing it with Big Country though
  5. @joostone Where did you get the bridge and how is it fastened to the body?
  6. Anyone that has been on this forum long enough and spent enough money, because of GAS, will know, there is no such thing as the wrong bass for the job and that it’s possible to gig with any playable instrument, but my question arises from an anecdote my history teacher told me, many moons ago. He said, that back in the day of the Soviet Union, if you were a musician, you couldn’t pop down to the local Andertonskis and be greeted with a plethora of instruments to choose from. Instead, your name went on a list and the next instrument that became available was yours. Hence, it would not be unusual to see the guitarist in traditional folk bands playing a flying vee. I don’t know how true that is but it got me thinking. Is there anyone here, playing what would be considered, the wrong instrument for the genre/band they’re in? Someone playing a 7-string Conklin in a blues band instead of the expected Fender with flats? Someone playing a Status Kingbass in a Jam tribute? I’d love to hear about folks bucking the trend. Those who say ‘Sod it, no! This is my bass and this what I play. I don’t care if Macca used his violin bass on this track, I’m using this fretless Bongo’
  7. I have a nasty suspicion that mine has disappeared
  8. MoJo

    Zoom B1 Four

    You won’t regret it
  9. Just budget Sennheisers, HD206 I believe is the model number. They sound fine to me. Not noise cancelling but fit over the ear and cut out most of the extraneous background noise and I find them comfortable to wear for long periods
  10. I use a Zoom B1on. You’ve got all the amp/cab sims, a plethora of effects, built-in drum machine (preset rhythms) and a looper. It has Aux-In so that you can hook it up to your phone and jam along to your favourites on Youtube. You’d get a used one easily within your budget
  11. I’m currently using Rotosound Swingbass (Stainless Roundwound) on my Yamaha BB425. These sound great on my P-Bass but sound too dark on the Yamaha which is a darker sounding bass to start with. Any current or ex-owners of the 425 or 424 that could recommend a roundwound string that suits this bass?
  12. Still furloughed. Some of the guys have been called back in but the business (car and light commercial engine repair and reconditioning) is still very quiet. Now beginning to wonder whether I will ever get called back or end up as a casualty of the blow to the economy
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