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  1. A warm welcome back from me here in the Midlands (some way north of Bromley)
  2. Would be nice to meet the man behind the legend
  3. I can never understand why these and the L-2000 Tributes don't get more love. With the switching options, just about any tone that one could need should be achievable.
  4. MoJo

    Hello !

    Hi Nicolas
  5. Another visual triumph
  6. A festive Phil Lynnott on a Yamaha BB. Merry Christmas BC'ers
  7. A call came up on Facebook for a dep bass player for a local pub gig tonight. I PM’d the OP asking for a set list to see if I thought that I was capable, but other bass players were simply posting ‘I’m free’. Assuming, as it’s a pub gig, it’s not a reading gig, how can anyone be so confident as to offer their services without knowing the set? I could fudge my way through a 12 bar blues but wouldn’t entertain having to ‘make up’ Level 42’s Hot Water on the spot. Genuinely interested
  8. I’ll be honest, I’d been more than happy with my Yamaha BB425 when this SUB5 came up, reasonably locally, at a giveaway price. I bought it with the intention of turning it around quickly for a profit. When I got it home and had a chance to play it, I found the slightly tighter string spacing more comfortable for me than the Yamaha. My only gripe was the edges of the fretboard were pretty sharp. I spent some time rolling the edges of the fretboard, dropped a set of new strings on it and set it up to my personal preferences and I have to say that I’m very impressed. It’s my current ‘go to’. I’d certainly recommend the SUB5 to anyone looking for an affordable 5 string
  9. In the past, I’ve owned a Chinese made SBMM SUB4 and more recently a SUB5. With a bit of tweaking, they are very decent instruments. The only thing that I’ve never liked is the big, blocky S.U.B. logo. It looks as though it’s been stamped ‘Substandard’ at the factory. So I designed my own headstock logo, based on the SBMM Ray35. I passed my design on to Rob at guitardecals.co.uk and a few days later they arrived in the post. I’ve just finished clear coating the headstock. I know some will think, what’s the point? Who looks at the headstock but personally, I think they look a lot better, more in keeping with the Ray15, Ray25 and Ray35
  10. Perhaps the seller meant it was made OVER the WATER in China
  11. I have a BB425 and a SUB Ray 5 and the difference in the spacing feels much greater than it really is. Strangely, I find the tighter spacing on the SUB the more comfortable of the two
  12. Played two gigs at the weekend. The first was awesome and a great send-off for the landlady/landlord who were off to pastures new a couple of days later. The gig the following evening wasn't so good (for me). I spent the best half of the second set being pestered by a couple of the younger audience members (mid twenties). The first kept pointing at my backup bass and mouthing the words 'Can I play your guitar?', to which I repeatedly replied 'No!'. The second guy mistook the band for a live karaoke and kept squeezing himself between me and my mic to sing along tunelessly to the band, treading on my Zoom B1on every time he did, changing patches. Thankfully, I'd taken the B1 out of the effects loop otherwise the audience would have been treated to a demo of all the different patches stored therein. Eventually the Pub Manager stepped in and took him away. As we loaded out at the end of the night, the first guy stopped me in the doorway. "I really wanted to play your guitar." he said, smiling. I smiled back and answered, "I know you did." The joys of the pub gig, eh?
  13. Andy charged me £120 which I thought was a bargain and his work is top notch I am indeed 😉
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