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  1. Pretty sure I bought them like this Andy
  2. No silks either end. Ball ends are Red/Dark blue/White/Turquoise. Any idea?
  3. I love my Rotosound Roundwounds but the hypersensitivity of the fingertips on my fretting hand, due to carpal tunnel syndrome, makes slides feel like I’m running my fingers over 80 grit sandpaper. Looking for recommendations for smoother feeling Roundwounds
  4. I have to say that I do too
  5. I watch YouTube videos at home occasionally, I never have music on in the car and we have some generic ‘waiting to die’ radio station on at work (not my choice). I like to make music far more I like to listen to other peoples music
  6. Thank you Yes, on the headstock
  7. Has anyone here had a go at making their own inkjet waterslide decals? If so, what decal paper would you recommend? There are numerous brands on Amazon but some reviews are less than favourable, saying that the transfer wrinkles up as soon as you put it in water or it’s so delicate, it breaks easily. I would appreciate the benefit of experience from someone who has found a good product
  8. I have recently developed carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s more noticeable in my left (fretting) hand where the thumb and first two fingers are numb almost all the time. I have gigs on the horizon. Does anyone have any tips for playing whilst suffering with the condition?
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