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  1. Dispelling the myth that plywood bodied basses are ship anchors That’s the weight of this Vester (admittedly with my Gotoh Res-O-Lites fitted)
  2. I had a feeling recently that, since selling my Camel Journey Bass, I was missing a P-bass in my life. A Vester Stage Series P-bass came up for sale locally and I impulsively went and bought it. One could limbo under the action when I got it. The relief in the neck was almost spot on for me and the truss rod worked, so I removed the neck to fit a shim under the heel. It was at this point that I found that the body was made of plywood. My heart sank. I decided to set it up the best I could and sell it on. I got the action down low and swapped the generic cheap pickups for a Warman Stealth pickup I had in my parts case. Plugged it in and it sang. Sounded like a proper P-bass with great sustain. I've decided to hang onto now. Swapped out the Stealth pups for Wilkinson Alnico V pups and changed the pots for CTS 250k with a Sprague Orange Drop capacitor. I was ready to right this off as a piece of junk as soon as I saw the plywood but it's turned out to be a very nice instrument
  3. £60 to courier a Yamaha bass, you've sold for £175, will probably kill the sale. I used to be able to ship basses for £20. It looks like those days are well and truly over and if I want to sell a sub £200 bass, I will have to sell it to my next door neighbour or do as Norman Tebbit once suggested, get on my bike and deliver it myself
  4. I was going to say, 'when McDonalds lawyers gently persuaded them to'. First alternative name, Big Mac and Fries, was quickly ruled out too
  5. Quarter Pounder (below) Quarter Pound (no 'er') (below) For those who seem unable to differentiate 😉
  6. You'll soon feel it's affect, the more posts you read
  7. MoJo

    Yamaha 1024x

    That is gorgeous. My Vintage White BB425 may go the same way
  8. How do you do that without problems with time lag?
  9. With this prolonged forced abstinence from live gigs or even rehearsals, is anyone else finding that their band’s set list and how to play it is fading from their memory?
  10. They could chamber the wings to reduce weight
  11. Which usually contain a rudimentary couple of strips of expanded polystyrene
  12. I recently sold a BB415. The buyer didn't live that far away but with current movement restrictions, my only option was to send it to him via a courier. I've sent loads of basses with couriers in the past and thankfully, not had one bad experience. I didn't have a hard shell case but spent about an hour wrapping it in bubblewrap. Anyone that has received one of my bubblewrapped basses will know that they will withstand anything short of a direct nuclear strike. The first thing I noticed when pricing a courier is how much prices have shot up since I last posted a bass, but as I entered my details, a message flashed up "any items not in a cardboard box or jiffy bag will incur a surcharge". I tried a different courier and got the same message so I decided to try another website. As soon as I typed 'bass guitar' into the item box, I got a message saying "It looks like you're sending a restricted item". I checked the restricted items list and it stated "Guitars will be transported on a no compensation basis". I went back to the original site and checked their restricted items, which stated "Musical Instruments unless in a hard case". I ended up refunding the buyers money. Certainly an eye opener for me. Doesn't look like I'll be offering postage on future bass sales
  13. I love that, the Gobasserk Signature BB. I want one
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