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  1. Was this being sold by a young woman in Wales?
  2. Hoping to get some tips on improving my pick playing
  3. I have seen a Yamaha BB for sale recently that had been fitted with a thumb rest. Perhaps a rest between the pickups may help
  4. Feels like the tendons on the underside of my fingers
  5. At the weekend, I bought back the Yamaha BB425 that I sold in May. Once back home, I soon remembered why I sold it. After about 40 minutes or so, I start to get pains in my plucking (right) hand. I can't understand why. I play it in exactly the same fashion as my P-bass and my Ibanez P/J, anchoring my thumb on the neck pickup or one of the lower strings. It's got me beat. I really like the 425 and want to get to use it as my primary bass but can't do so if it's causing discomfort and pain. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you resolve it?
  6. I'm getting my BB425, that I foolishly sold, back on Saturday Happy new-old bass day to me
  7. I believe you're right. The BB414/5, BB424/5 and BB1024's that I've owned have a tone that doesn't get lost in the mix when using both pickups and the bridge pickup can be solo'd without it sounding thin and weedy. Other P/J's I've experienced don't possess that quality. I have heard Tony Franklin say that when he was looking for a bridge pickup for his P-bass, he went for the hottest pickup available at the time.
  8. I like guitarists but couldn't eat a whole one. Seriously though, I'd be as happy watching a masterclass by Paul Gilbert as I would one by John Patitucci. It's all music
  9. MoJo

    BTB405 vs BB425

    I’ve looked for a BTB670, but they seem very thin on the ground I’m a passive P/J man too but I did find the tones of the BTB676 pleasing, musical and useful I did like the wide flat profile of the BTB676 but feel equally at home on the rounder profile of the BB fretboard Decisions, decisions
  10. I’m looking to pick up a reasonably priced 5-string and based on my recent experience with an Ibanez BTB676, which was perfect in every way except that it had too many strings and weighed 11lbs. I’m considering a BTB405, although I am aware that this won’t have the Bartolini Mk2 pickups or the same active EQ as the BTB675/6. I also have the opportunity to buy back my Yamaha BB425. Has anyone had experience of both or just of the BTB405? What are your thoughts please?
  11. I’m going on Sunday (as I’m gigging on Saturday) so no John Patitcucci masterclass for me. Probably means most Basschatters going will also be going on Saturday
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