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  1. Been furloughed for a week now and finding I’ve adapted to it far too easily. I’m not a social creature in normal life and stay in unless I’m gigging. I’m also quite lazy and have no trouble doing nothing for most of the day, if I’m allowed
  2. I believe you’re right. Thank you
  3. I saw a post last week where one of our members was, very generously, currently offering free access to their online lessons. I’d love to have a look but can’t find the original post with the link. Could someone point me in the right direction please?
  4. With a lump hammer, I'd suggest
  5. Still at work at the moment (Engine Reconditioners / Repairers). Not sure for how much longer, phones have been understandably quiet this week and we're gradually running out of work. Getting your blown engine repaired is not a priority when you've got nowhere to go. When we finally get sent home, it will be a real struggle financially for my family and I. My wife is a hairdresser. Yesterday, they had three clients show up. Tough times ahead
  6. Our gig tomorrow night is still going ahead despite the current situation and the venue being told that the guitarist/frontman is currently on a flight back from a cruise in the Far East. Go figure
  7. This is what crossed my mind this morning.
  8. I wasn’t sure whether I could save the tracks I pay for on these services or whether I could only listen to them on the device they are downloaded on
  9. I may have already asked this already but where can I legally download music and save it to my PC in wav or mp3 form so that I can subsequently upload it onto my Tascam GB-10 Guitar and Bass Trainer?
  10. Just weighed my three current basses. Lightest is the Bass Collection Profile Bass at 3.4kg (7.5lbs). Next is the Camel Journey Bass (70’s MIJ Precision copy) at 3.7kg (8.14lbs) and topping the scales at a whopping 4.5kg (9.9lbs) is my Yamaha BB425
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