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  1. A modern C profile, somewhere between a Jazz and a Precision width wise. Personally I find them extremely comfortable (I find narrow Ibanez SR necks too narrow and Yamaha TRBX necks too shallow). The neck was the selling point when I bought my first. I had a BB424 and the neck on that felt different and not as nice
  2. Thanks. I love that Tobacco Burst. Sorely tempted to get it to sit alongside my Vintage White BB425
  3. @Jus Lukin where are you based?
  4. Do you still have it?
  5. I see you’re only in Brum. If you fancy meeting up, post lockdown and you can try my BB414
  6. Not jealous at all #lying
  7. If it wasn't in Bromley, it wouldn't be 😉
  8. I’ve not played a 435 but, from videos I’ve watched, they don’t nail the 415/425 tone that keeps me coming back to them
  9. It was good to meet you, if rather briefly. I'm glad you're enjoying the Camel
  10. No mate, this one Only £75. Someone beat me to it. Thought it was you when you said Aria
  11. You bought that? Damn! I just missed out on that and only just up the road from me
  12. Neither lol. They’re SM66 Stainless 40-60-80-100
  13. Rotosound 66 Swing Bass or Fender 7250
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