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  1. My first bass was an 82 Squier. I’d love another but I’m not paying a grand for one
  2. Just missed out on a JV Squier Precision, listed as a Classic Vibe Squirt for £300. My own fault, I asked for the serial number and left it two hours to check back, only to find that she’d posted a photo of the serial number on the listing. Gutted, I would have loved to have gigged that. Someone has got a right bargain
  3. I bid £135 but got beaten by a bid of £142. My plan was to put the neck off my Tobacco Burst BB425X on it and turn it around for a quick profit leaving me time to remove the fretboard of the damaged neck and replace the trussrod
  4. No, I didn’t. It was in Northern Ireland. Hoping one will come up a bit closer to home
  5. Anyone on here win the auction on the BB425 with the broken truss rod?
  6. Back before the days of Basschat or even it’s predecessor Bassworld, I only ever owned one bass at a time and played the same bass at every gig for more than a decade. Since discovering Bass forums, I have owned more than 100 basses, some for just a few days and almost always taken two basses to a gig. I play a Precision. Passive, simple electronics, installed by myself, no battery to die mid-gig. I play with a very light touch and in 42 years of playing, I’ve never broken a string. It makes me wonder if I need to take a backup bass to a gig at all. How many of you have ever had to break out the backup on a gig and why?
  7. BB415 for £400? In the words of Aerosmith, Dream On
  8. ....that is the question. Shortly after picking up my Fender Rumble 500v3 and before having a chance to use it in anger, I bought the matching 210v3 cabinet. In the years that have followed, it has been to maybe three or four gigs and that’s not because I needed more volume, as anyone with a Rumble 500v3 will attest to, they are more than loud enough for any pub/club gig on their own. My allotted storage space for bass gear, at home, under the stairs is quite meagre to say the least, but it struck me as I was getting some gear out on Monday evening, if I sold the 210, I’d have room for two more basses in there. I know that many other Rumble 500v3 owners think the extension cab superfluous but I wondered if anyone regretted selling their extension cab and ended up buying another
  9. I’m up for it. I reckon I could fix that. Had problems with BB truss rods in the past
  10. And going up in price. All s/h BB414's I've bought or sold have been around the £175 - £180 mark
  11. I've got a Vintage White BB425 and a Tobacco Burst BB425X and the burst one is my favourite finish
  12. Fretted BB350F going really cheap on Facebook, in Leicestershire https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/161512572503477/
  13. Dispelling the myth that plywood bodied basses are ship anchors That’s the weight of this Vester (admittedly with my Gotoh Res-O-Lites fitted)
  14. I had a feeling recently that, since selling my Camel Journey Bass, I was missing a P-bass in my life. A Vester Stage Series P-bass came up for sale locally and I impulsively went and bought it. One could limbo under the action when I got it. The relief in the neck was almost spot on for me and the truss rod worked, so I removed the neck to fit a shim under the heel. It was at this point that I found that the body was made of plywood. My heart sank. I decided to set it up the best I could and sell it on. I got the action down low and swapped the generic cheap pickups for a Warman Stealth pickup I had in my parts case. Plugged it in and it sang. Sounded like a proper P-bass with great sustain. I've decided to hang onto now. Swapped out the Stealth pups for Wilkinson Alnico V pups and changed the pots for CTS 250k with a Sprague Orange Drop capacitor. I was ready to right this off as a piece of junk as soon as I saw the plywood but it's turned out to be a very nice instrument
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