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  1. MoJo


    That's a nice looking instrument
  2. MoJo

    Fingers and the audience

    Full of joy, I took a new active ‘Premium’ Ibanez BTB1605 bass to rehearsal. Previous bass was a Yamaha BB414. At the end of the evening, I asked the guitarist and the drummer , “What do you think? Do you think it suits the band, the tone I mean?” The reply was not the “Wow! That sounded great. The clarity and definition was really noticable,” that I had expected, but rather a lukewarm “Sounded fine to me. You always get a good sound, whatever you’re playing.” I’ve gone through all manner of active and passive basses while I’ve been with these guys and had they all been the same colour, I don’t think that they would have noticed I’d changed my bass
  3. MoJo

    Fingers and the audience

    Very true, but whatever bass I'm using, I'll EQ the amp to best match the sound that I have in my head.
  4. MoJo

    The GAS is always greener

    Not for me. It reinforces my choice of a cheap Vintage V4 and a Class D Rumble 500v3
  5. I've thought this for years. No matter what bass I play through what rig, I always sound like me. Hasn't stopped me going through thirty-plus amps/cab combinations and close to 80 basses though
  6. MoJo

    The GAS is always greener

    Oh yes, please do, for the benefit of us 'northern' folk. I'd be interested to hear the results
  7. MoJo

    The GAS is always greener

    We all do. There should be a GASaholic help group
  8. Very true I've lost track of the number of times that I've found the 'one'
  9. MoJo

    Henrik Linder with weird frets.?

    I thought that it was one of Mr.Phillips ‘improvements’, made from the frets of all the guitars he’s butchered over the years
  10. MoJo

    SBL Technique Accelerator Course

    My technique probably sucks but it's my technique. It's seen me through 39 years of playing, so I may as well stick with it now
  11. MoJo

    Hmmm MIJ Precision?

    I had a CIJ Precision. The decals on that are all wrong