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  1. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    So that's why they never caught on. I always wondered why they weren't more popular (apart from being fugly)
  2. Knob replacement help!

    When I saw the thread title, I was expecting a 'I now identify as a man' discussion, with a bent toward size and aesthetics advice
  3. Worst bass you've ever played that you did not own.

    B.C.Rich Eagle. The headstock was attracted to the floor like it was being dragged there by a powerful electromagnet. A real PITA to play
  4. New in the Midlands

    Ideally situated to hop over to the next Midlands Bass Bash. Welcome aboard
  5. I had the DE model too. Well put together and sounded great. Unfortunately, the neck was too slender for me. I like a chunky P-bass neck
  6. The classic 'band and a wall' photo

    Guilty as charged Taken in July last year. That's me, far right, with the 'I'm not sure about this' expression
  7. The classic 'band and a wall' photo

    Known Spen for years. Didn't know he was playing with Icefire
  8. I have been fighting with this very conundrum for some time. I have a Yamaha BB1100s which other musos have complimented and I must admit, gets taken to gigs quite often purely because of the badge snob in me. I by far prefer the tone and feel of my Vintage V4 P-bass, which I paid £82 for s/h and the V4 sounds better (to my ears) in a live situation with the band. If I know other musos (especially bass players) are going to be in the audience, I will take and play the Yamaha, otherwise it sits on it's stand as the back-up to the V4.
  9. Help identify the bass i just bought.

    Thank you
  10. Help identify the bass i just bought.

    @Andytre, could I ask what search parameters you used to find such a beast? I seldom have bargains like this show up in my search results
  11. The bass tone

    P-bass or P-J on the neck pick-up At home: everything flat Live: Bass -1, Lo Mid +2, Hi Mid +1, Treble flat
  12. SOLD Yamaha BB2000 Japan '82

    How much are kidneys going for on the black market these days? I've got to find £1000 from somewhere
  13. SOLD Yamaha BB2000 Japan '82

    That looks like one bass you will regret selling. If I had £1000, it would be on it's way to the UK
  14. Levinson Blade B-25 £990

  15. His talks are always very entertaining.