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  1. MoJo

    New Fender flea MM Jazz announced!

    I don't like it
  2. MoJo

    Jazz bass bitsa price drop £250

    Signature bass. What's the weight?
  3. MoJo

    FS: Yamaha BB1025X (Price drop to £350!)

    Looks like I was too slow off the mark
  4. MoJo

    FS: Yamaha BB1025X (Price drop to £350!)

    If it doesn't sell, which at that price I'd be amazed, I'll have it
  5. MoJo

    FS: Yamaha BB1025X (Price drop to £350!)

    Oooohhhhh......so tempted
  6. It's the only reason I do Wedding gigs
  7. MoJo

    Drop the bass...

    Please tell me that you've not had that out in public
  8. MoJo

    Drop the bass...

  9. MoJo

    Hartke Bass Attack Pre Amp

    That's a lot of gold
  10. MoJo

    I hate people like this...

    I love the recorded tone of his P-bass
  11. I was going to suggest a tea chest and broom handle
  12. MoJo

    Fender Rumble Stage 800

    I’m the same @Norris . The Rumble 500v3 does the job every time for me. I was thinking that if the Stage 800 was an updated version of the 500 with built in effects, it might be worth looking at. I see however that it’s an amp modeller (including modelling the Rumble?). The Low Mid and Hi Mid controls have become ‘Mid’. The Studio 800, a bit like the Boss GT6-B I used own, has too many bells and whistles and I could see me being tempted to swap patches all the time or, worse still, finding one setting I really liked and ignoring all the rest. I’d be interested in trying ine out but I suspect that I will probably stick with the 500v3 for the foreseeable future
  13. MoJo

    Fender Rumble Stage 800

    They do an 800? I love my 500v3. I may have to consider upgrading
  14. MoJo

    Hello from France....

    Hi @Djooh Welcome to the forum
  15. MoJo

    5-String Bass

    How does the BB615 work then?