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  1. I've been gigging with my Rumble 500v3 combo and P-bass for quite some time now. The combination of these two just seems to fit the band (pub covers trio), but on Saturday night, my bass tone felt uninspiring and dull. Whether it was just where I was standing in relation to the combo or the position of the combo in relation to the walls, I don't know, but I couldn't get a tone that I was happy with. Fast forward to Sunday morning and I'm scouring the Basses For Sale ads, looking at basses similar to ones I've previously owned and sold on. Just when I thought I was GAS free. Thankfully the next gig is just a couple of weeks away, so I think I can resist until then. Hopefully order will be restored
  2. Welcome from another Old'un
  3. What's Hugh Laurie doing with Paul Simonon's bass?
  4. Never tried the 'Vintage' setting with the Drive section on. Going to give it a go tonight
  5. P-bass - Roundwound Strings - Pick - Fender Rumble 500. Job done. If you're anywhere near the Prince of Wales in Stafford tonight, you'll see/hear how that combination works
  6. A lot of love for the Polytune/Unitune so far. Will have to check them out. Has anyone tried the D'Addario clip-free tuner?
  7. I’ve always used pedal type tuners in the past (Boss TU3, Korg Pitchblack) but I’m trying to clear the floor space around me and keep my signal path to a minimum so was thinking of investing in a clip-on tuner. How accurate are they for bass and which are the best ones to go for?
  8. Got my Sunday ticket. Hopefully see some of you there
  9. Bought these in creme as I was going for that 70's 'Old School' vibe but found that I prefer the look of black pickups on my bass. I would have swapped the covers but they're sealed on They have been fitted but are in good condition. Come in original box with original screws (unused) and fitting instructions. Will sell for £45 posted in the UK (Royal Mail 2nd Class) or swap for the black versions, DP122BK
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