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  1. Bought a pbass body, good price, good body, good comms. What more can you ask for.
  2. I used ravenspirals theory guide, it's a fanastic guide for getting to grips with theory. [url="http://www.worldofbryan.com/rsg2mt.pdf"]http://www.worldofbryan.com/rsg2mt.pdf[/url] I wholly recommend it, really helps explain how music works but you needn't know how to read music or play an instrument to understand it. Once you've got the idea the learning curve is applying it to bass
  3. Last time I shielded a bass (quite some time ago) I used the copper foil from guitar parts worldwide, lined it all and used solder between joints as belt and braces. But I remember that having conductive glue on it, I tested it with a multimeter to make sure.
  4. [sup]You could use high grit wet sanding to polish it up then use cutting compound (t-cut and alternatives) to bring it up to it's final finish. Just like car bodywork. Or get a power buffer and some cutting compound and go to town. I wouldn't attempt cutting compound alone by hand or you'll be there a long long time.[/sup] [sup]The fact you've managed to polish it with the wear from your fingers should mean you can polish it with friction.[/sup]
  5. It's a skill well worth learning, it's easy enough if you have some basic tools. Especially on Bass, much easier to set up than guitars in my opinion. Guitars are a pain in the arse - less margin for error.
  6. None currently. Used to play in two bands and jam with a few people I knew. I miss it so bad.
  7. Ross


    Price drop £35 posted RM first class.
  8. Ross


    Provisionally sold to Ranofunky!
  9. Ross


    I think so yeah, like I say I've been here on and off since the forum was just starting out.
  10. Well I've been with the forums on and off for a long time, and playing bass in the same way. I'm finally getting back into it more than I ever have before, I wake up in the morning and I can't wait for my evening practise session. It was this video of RATM playing really early on in some dudes record store: [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=49WwUgdU6yE"]http://www.youtube.c...d&v=49WwUgdU6yE[/url] That got me back into it, started out learning Rage songs a few weeks ago and I've progressed from there onto red hot chilli peppers. And finally, decided to go from being a pretty much 100% pizzicato player to learning some slap. Anyway, it'll be good getting to know you guys and the old forums again
  11. After many years of being a Pizzicato player I've decided to get into slap, I was never quite coordinated enough for it but your videos are really useful. 4 cans of beer, a metronome and a shitload of practise, my friday night right there
  12. Sorry Ian I was by chance offered an absolute bargain down the pub last night and took the guy up on it there and then so my acoustic needs are now met. Good luck with the future sale.
  13. I imagine what he has done is used an ultra high adhesion primer on top of the green and then sprayed black, which is not the done thing on instruments because it's not durable enough for high traffic painting. You might get away with wet/ dry sanding the black off but I really doubt you're going to get it flat and you'll be forever polishing it with 2000 grit W/D paper and or tcut. You'll probably be better off stripping it and refinishing the lot, wouldn't use nitromors because of the new regs it's rubbish on anything like this. You could try peelaway or failing that a heat gun, then that kind of finish isn't too difficult to achieve with the the correct prep and quality paints.
  14. Don't fill it with superglue, definitely use a matchstick or similar glued in the hole. Superglue is to hard, you need to use something flexible else you pose a small risk to splitting the body, not to mention the grip won't be as tight. As far as soldering goes if it breaks that easy it was done by a monkey to begin with and needed redoing.
  15. Don't, whatever you do. Buy a daihatsu hijet, it's f***ing hilarious to drive because it's so crap (try doing above 50mph, or going over speed bumps, or cornering, or braking, or accelerating). It never gets old but they're really not a practical vehicle at all. If you can stretch to it I'd advise you to have a look at a VW caddy, bloody lovely to drive they are, awesome vans. Transit connect would be my choice on a budget, reliable, practical. Power is a bit lacking in some models and the seats suck though. You probably won't save money at the fuel pump with a van, your fiesta is going to be lighter and set up for stop start driving. A van will be thirstier. And be aware that LPG costs significantly more to insure than petrol/ diesel for most people. Have you considered a volvo estate?
  16. I'd go for the 10-20 but that just because the strings won't be horrifically cold when you go to play them. Guitars are pretty resillient to cold temps, it's damp you want to worry about. And sudden temp changes as has be said (no putting them by the radiator!)
  17. Just need to catch them, put a pack of crayons and a colouring book in a snare trap. /Awful drummer humour You know I'm wondering this though and I've come to the conclusion all the good drummers are taken, I play drums fine not as good as some but I've got some groove down. If I were to play drums then it's the dilemma of finding a good bassist. Which i would argue are even more difficult to come by. The classic "First lesson I learnt the E string, Second lesson I learned the A string and the third I skipped to play a gig" thing springs to mind.
  18. BASSIST GETS LAID AFTER A GIG Keyboardist shoots himself after drinking 12 pints alone in the corner looking pasty and unloved
  19. The clash were the first actual band I got into, and Paul Simonon (along with Entwhistle) the reason I picked up bass. Never looked back, very underated bass player.
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  23. [quote name='chris_b' timestamp='1316176378' post='1375485'] Do you gig? If this post is serious you seem to be on a one man mission to give us bass players a bad name! [/quote] I gig a fair bit yes. I fail to see how it gives bass players a bad name, how are you supposed to enjoy gigging if you're forever fannying about with your setup or the soundman is being a w***er and trying to dictate how your band should sound against what you have said. When i turn up to a gig it's no f***ing about, set it up quick, soundcheck and adjust, relax and play/ watch the other bands, pack it up and either move on to somewhere or go home. Enjoyable evening.
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