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  1. Zoom B1 Four multi effects pedal. A lot of stuff in a very small package. In addition to the 5x10 patch memories it has a built in rhythm/ drum machine and a looper. Also has a very good built in tuner and can be connected via usb to Zooms own patch editor software. You can also put aux in on mini jack and put headphones on the output for private practice. I do not have a psu for it, it runs off 4x AA batteries but an generic 9v (-ve centre pin) will do the job. I can print off the manual if needed, it is on-line. £45 posted
  2. I have a Behringer model D analogue synth that I used with midi pedals. I have recently gone down a digital route as I need to be able to switch patches in a live environment. This is Behringer’s take on the Mini Moog model D, and smarter people than me say it’s a very good copy at a way cheaper price. This has both the 5 pin din midi connections but also USB midi too. I have the box, a psu and the manual. I can get hold of a midi keyboard if needed, I used it with Roland midi pedals and if you fancy the Taurus sound you can certainly get that but you can also access your inner Rick Wakeman for the widdly stuff. Collection preferred, I’m in Milton Keynes but will meet half way within reason. Postage, if required, will be at additional cost.
  3. Sold a digital mixer to Dave, a pleasure to deal with. Recommended basschatter.
  4. I have an Overwarer-Tanglewood joint venture 4 string jazz in trans-black which has essentially become a spare following me getting a d-roc which has become my #1 4-string. This is an active bass and is great to play, with great tone and a slim neck and very easy to play. I’ve gigged it once and it’s in good nick. Other than that only used in a non-smoking house. I have put it on the bathroom scales and it is around 4kg so bit over 8lbs in old money. It has Dunlop strap locks fitted. I am based in Milton Keynes and would prefer collection but will meet 1/2 way within reason. I only have a rudimentary carry case.
  5. I purchased this digital mixer as a band I was working with needed to do quiet rehearsals so we all plugged in and used in ears, subsequently we found a rehearsal space where there was no noise restriction. It’s a fantastically powerful device and has a very good built in wireless but you can connect to a wi-fi hub if you like. You will need a tablet to work the device but the apps are free and the whole design concept is to make it easy for a band to set up it has 6 aux sends in addition to main L&R. Here is a link to RCF’s intro https://youtu.be/x4fopRYOVFU I live in Milton Keynes but go to North London fairly regularly, happy to meet half way but if you want posting, that will be extra.
  6. I don't think I can add much to what has already been said, I had a weekend ticket but had done the bass and guitar bit in a very short time, I got a chance to speak to Sheldon Dingwall which was great and as people have mentioned Bass direct had a well laid out stand but my heart went out to them and the other exhibitors, I did pop back in on the Sunday morning but it was almost depressing the lack of people and the room was unwelcoming. The drum show however was vibrant and had an energy about it that really was an amplifier to the differences. I would not blame any of the exhibitors not going to another one. I also had tickets for Leyland Sklar, he was the reason that tipped me over to go to the show in the first place, it was only nearer the date that I learned he wasn't going to be there and not from the people I brought the tickets from, glad I got to see Liverpool but I would not rush back to this show in a hurry.
  7. I got tickets when Leyland Sklar was booked, I noticed his name had dropped off the list, which was one of the big reasons for going.
  8. My last band had singers who did not embrace the use of in-ear monitors so to come up with a solution I purchased four B205D’s. They are surprisingly versatile and while I used them as a monitor that could be placed in close proximity to the singer reducing the overall stage volume, you could perhaps get away with using them as a singer songwriter very portable mini Pa as there are three inputs and a 3 band graphic along with phantom power and phono inputs for backing tracks. They come with mounting kits to sit on top of mic stands or if you use a boom mic, they can sit in the middle of the stand either pointing at you or the audience. As a vocal monitor they worked fine, they have a relatively small speaker, so I wouldn’t suggest it as your primary bass sound source, but if your sing ‘doesn’t do in-ears’, it is a workable solution. There are 4 of these, I only have one box but I do have a metal ‘flight case’ that takes all 4 but it is quite chunky, you’d need to be running an estate or van really. For the full set, all accessories and the flight case £250 the lot. Individually £75 each, with accessories. Collection preferred but will meet half way to a fairly large radius from Milton Keynes. Any postage would be at additional cost.
  9. Previously used to house a Behringer xAir18 mixer is this 19' rack 4U ABS case which opens front and back. Overall depth 22'. I have now got a new smaller case for the mixer so this is now surplus to requirements. It could be used for a full size head with rack ears or any 19' rack mount devices. It's been well used hence the price. Collection from Milton Keynes preferred but happy to meet 1/2 way for a fairly large radius. If shipping is required it would be at additional cost.
  10. Brought an Alto powered speaker from Brian, top chap and all as described.
  11. I got a double pack of Dingwall 5 string sets, long scale nickel round wounds but I have a 5 and 4 so have a spare ‘B’ string, still in its envelope.
  12. I brought a microphone from Ross, very easy to deal with and all as described. Top Basschatter Paul B
  13. I purchased a vintage burst 4 string on Saturday, the first thing I noticed is how light they are, I mean it like you're not wearing it light. It didn't take long to get a good rock sound sorted when I got it home, the output for a passive bass it pretty hot so any drive has to be carefully added. Between the pickup selector and tone control I could get some very usable tones. It's not as versatile as other Dingwall basses but it is very easy to play and does the job I want it for very well. And it is a striking shape that sits well on the body with no neck dive and as someone who's not mad about sparkle finishes the vintage burst suits me.
  14. I was asked what speakers I fitted and as I had the info they are Jensen Smooth BS 8N/250A https://www.jensentone.com/bass-speakers/smooth-bs-8n250a
  15. I confess to having never been a bass busker. It's also got a built in rhythm generator, not used that either.
  16. A very compact and surprisingly versatile practice amp. Built in tuner and effects. Used in non smoking home. It can be battery powered (doing a bass exchange with a fellow bass chatter we utilised this facility at a motorway service station car park. True story) The original power supply is however also included. Collection preferred, happy to half way within reason from Milton Keynes. If delivery required it would be at additional cost.
  17. I've been asked to sell the case separately but have said I'll leave it a week, so here is a price cut to purchase this head in all it's fluffy case glory!
  18. Yes you can have either, both or none and use it as an envelope filter
  19. The thing with multi effects is you tend to not use all of them but if you know what you want from them it makes sorting through them a lot easier, I've been using an X3 live and pretty much used 4 patches plus effects if needed. I've just gone to the fly rig ver2 and so far it does all I need it to do in a very compact package.
  20. This is the version 2 kidney dish bass pod xt. I’ve used it as a usb recording interface. I have the original box, manual, psu and cables. Collection by preferred but happy to meet half way to a fair distance from Milton Keynes. Postage would be at additional cost.
  21. An amp I got in a trade, used at home but I’ve never gigged it as I d.i live these days. Great amp with built in switchable gain and octave effects. Footswitch included, in a foam lined case. I have put the amp in a foam lined hard case. Collection by preferred but happy to meet half way to a fair distance from Milton Keynes, I met up in Oxford for my last sale for example. Postage would be at additional cost.
  22. BG 250 2x8 combo with recently sourced 3 way TC Electronics foot switch. Used primarily as a practice amp but I have used it live with the addition of a TC112 external cab. I upgraded the 8” speakers with neodymium ones. The foot switch allows full access to the TonePrint facilities contained in the amp which can be changed using the TonePrint app. a great compact, lightweight combo. Collection by preferred but happy to meet half way to a fair distance from Milton Keynes, I met up in Oxford for my last sale for example. Postage would be at additional cost.
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