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  1. I did get asked about the weight so using luggage weighing device it is 4.3 Kg (9.48 pounds in old money).
  2. Traded a variax with Brian. Top basschatter.
  3. Matt is a top basschatter, deal with confidence.
  4. walbassuk


    I agree with you, and it would be a worthy addition to someone’s arsenal
  5. walbassuk


    Happy to at your cost, and you would decide on what courier and insurance you wanted used.
  6. There is a whole variation community out on the interweb, of which I have no contact, but search a little and I’m sure somebody will point you in the right direction. Then you can buy this!!
  7. Have gone down the route of di into mixer so backline has become surplus. I have a little mark 250 black line in its very useful branded carry case, which can also be worn as a backpack if the mood takes you. Great little amp, I’ve used it with 1x12 and 2x10 cabs. I’m in Milton Keynes but travel about a fair bit so would prefer collection or 1/2 way meet. Will post at buyers expense/risk.
  8. Met up with Tim for a Musicman - Dingwall 5 string trade, great communications and a top basschatter.
  9. In a moment of madness I purchased this variax 6 string off the bay, primarily because my line 6 floorboard has a variax socket so I had an interesting afternoon making odd noises and then it went back in its box. It is Chinese made, early model, has a range of modelled guitar tones, using the cat 5 cable into a line 6 device gives you the most options and I will throw in cat 5 cable, it has the socket for one of the lockable cat 5 in a Xlr casing if you have one of those, I also have the adaptor box where you can have a psu providing power to the guitar using a stereo jack lead (not supplied). You can also put a 9v battery in the back of the guitar. You can also have the snazzy red strap. There is a bit of a ding on the headstock, which was there when I got it. Prefer collection or 1/2 way meet. I will post at buyers expense/risk. Open to trades.
  10. I’ve had some interest but if that stalls I’ll record some stuff for you to hear paul b
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