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  1. Up for grabs is my 1999 USA made standard Jazz V string bass. I have developed tendonitis in my first finger and I am switching to 4 string. In consequence this bass does not get used like it should. It is in very good condition and only has one minor ding on the bottom of the body (see the individual pic). Generally its good to go ! It has been raced but never rallied and comes in a non Fender tweed case. This is a great bass which I bought in the USA and I have been the only owner. What sets this apart is that it has a pair of stock output lindy fralin pickups in it - click on the link to check them out - https://www.fralinpickups.com/product/5-string-jazz-bass/ I also installed a John East J-RETRO preamp http://www.east-uk.com/index.php/all-products/j-retro-01.html which is a simple, neat and brilliant upgrade. These items together give great tone and control and today you would spend over £300 for these alone. The bass plays extremely well and were it not for my physical imperfection would not be going anywhere. I am based not far from Heathrow so can meet up or ship would consider a good older 4string Jazz in trade/ trade + cash
  2. I just sent mine back. Used at home when it arrived and I was too frequently getting the blueLED flickering which indicates dropping of the link between Tx and Rx Not prepared to even try it out live. As they were less than 30cm apart I was not pleased !
  3. SOLD Up for sale is my treasured CR5M Which retails new for £2200. I have owned it from new for 6 years. It has the great sounding Piezo and magnetic pickups and is a full scale EUB that makes wonderful big sound. I am selling it as I am about to spend serious money and as this is just not used as much it has to go to help fund it. As always with these things I will probably regret this at some point but unless I win the lottery then needs must. It comes complete with the soft gig bag which is in great condition and the original form chrome stand which is a bit more substantial than the one offered these days. Also included is the shoulder strap for it if you want to wander around with it ! The bass itself is in good condition but it does has a few minor dings as a result of some drunken arse at a gig and these are all detailed in the pics and do not really detract from the visual apparence. It is strung with a set of tomastic spiracores. This link [url="http://www.gollihurmusic.com/product/1431-NS_DESIGN_CR4M_AND_CR5M_ELECTRIC_UPRIGHT_BASS.html"]http://www.gollihurm...RIGHT_BASS.html[/url] Is a full description and far more detailed than I could do. And this link [url="https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m0lytecg4le7may/1fWG0fto0Q"]https://www.dropbox....7may/1fWG0fto0Q[/url] is to pics I am in S West London and I'd rather not ship but will at your cost. Any questions get in touch.
  4. Aurora coloured strings

    Well the Aurora's been on for a few gigs now and have to say I think I prefer the DR Neon. The colour is great but its already starting to wear at the (finger) plucking end and that is sooner than the DR. The colour wear is not dreadful but is noticeable.I have done 5 gigs and two rehearsals with them which is why i noticed what i think is early wear. I went for the pale blue string which does look good although, obviously, does not pop as much as DR NEON. I did get stung for customs duty on them and therefore has to pay another £12 on them so it also made them a bit more expensive. As to feel, they are good, smooth and very playable. I like the string although the tone is different to DR Neon, which if pushed I'd say I prefer. For me they feel a little less 'alive'. If only DR did theirs in blue I would pick them every time.
  5. This weekend would work email me at [email protected] Live near Kingston on Thames
  6. Could be in for this cash or maybe a BB1100S trade and cash. As you are in Birmingham may take a bit of scheduling to arrange a trip. I guess weekends only? Regards Merv
  7. Aurora coloured strings

    Ordered a blue set so will post findings. Been using DR Neon and very happy with those so will have direct feedback , when the arrive
  8. FREE behringer rack tuner

    Behringer 1U rack tuner in great condition It works and only used it for a few months and been sitting in a cupboard for 3 years Has a Rack light built in Why is it free, well collect only from Kingston on Thames or slough and instead of paying any money for it I ask you to donate some cash (whatever you want) to a good cause of your choosing and do a good deed for someone ! Sound daft ? , I don't think so But if you do don't bother getting in touch 😄
  9. Very good condition gator 4u rack case. Not used in 4 years taking up space May take an offer. Collection from Kingston on Thames or slough
  10. Feedback for urban Bassman

    Sold my US Masters EP55 to John Feb 13 and great bloke no problems and glad my purple length has a new home !!!!!
  11. Another Bump Trade for SR 5 or maybe G&L failing that cash so I can buy the GB rumour that is on here !
  12. New Year Bump! Take this off my hands so I can buy something else !!!
  13. Bump and take £100 off to £700
  14. So back from dumping son at uni! Still available Will come shipped in case will deliver within reason Will take more pics if required, 35" scale Only ever strung with flats so fretboard in great shape as is the rest of it It has locking nuts on machine heads will add a photo of these. Will also weigh it if anyone wants but I'd say it's comparable to my USA jazz 5 Kinda thinking of a trade for. G&L l2500 M2500 Price reduction Sale price is £800 plus shipping PayPal acceptable but add on the fees. String spacing is 9mm to 17mm