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  1. I think the zoom b3n is a perfect practice rig, looper, drum machine, loads of effects and headphone out and aux in.
  2. DangerDan

    Performing Rights Royalties

    Otherwise you could play a grindcore set of 20 1 minute songs and get paid more than the other bands. Also, i was never asked to submit other band details whenever I've claimed, just my own bands setlist. I thought the £6 figure was more just a guideline as to how much a band would get paid for a gig in a small venue, rather than a hard and fast pot for all bands playing a particular nighy
  3. DangerDan

    Performing Rights Royalties

    Ahh am i confusing things? I've only ever claimed as a composer, getting paid for originals. I thought they requested the song lengths so that they could pay pro rata as to how long the performance was (calculated by the sum of the song lengths registered and played).
  4. DangerDan

    Performing Rights Royalties

    They work it out based on the total lengths of the songs played. If you aren't't the composer of the song you get a different cut of the royalty (I'm hazy on this as I've only ever claimed for originals.
  5. DangerDan

    Panorama of bass cab manufacturers

    For the list- Zilla http://www.zillacabs.com/phone/bass-cabs.html
  6. DangerDan

    New Tech21 Q\Strip.

    The Q will be the bredth of the band you are equalising (i.e -its a paremetric eq so adjustable range as well as frequency). I use a ten band mxr eq nearish the front of my chain, but i also use the low eq on my B3n in HPF mode at the end of my chain just to cut out any subsonics i dont want.
  7. DangerDan

    New Tech21 Q\Strip.

    @Al - the B3n has a hpf too, its in the low eq, you can just change from shelf to HPF, and it is sweepable frequency. Not sure what the exact attenuation is though.
  8. DangerDan

    Darkglass version 2 for the B3K And B7K

    Interesting. Wonder when they will be in shops/ how much/ when the clone kit will be out
  9. DangerDan

    Minimal, decent multieffects?

    Yep, meant the b3 as opposed to the b3n (i have both, but the b3n is the one that stays on my board)
  10. DangerDan

    Minimal, decent multieffects?

    I would consider one of the older zoom B3 units. Has a tuner and three effects at a time etc, with a di out as well as stereo out etc, and can be run on batteries It is bigger and heavier than your other current choices though. Can get them cheap enough second hand these days.
  11. DangerDan

    Clean (ish) Boost options

    I've been thinking about getting a TC spark mini for a clean boost. Tiny and going for around £40 at the moment online.
  12. DangerDan

    New Zoom B3n vs Old Zoom B3

    The distortions on the b3n are certainly better than those on the b3. I never really needed the di on the back of the b3 (might have come in handy in an emergency i guess) so the b3n has everything i need covered, including better switching between patches etc in a live situation. The b3n is much closer to a one box solution for me, purely because its not as limited in how many effects one can load up, if i had to choose just one it would be the b3n.
  13. DangerDan

    Plasma Music TV - looking for artists.

    Seems like it's worth a go! Might drop them a line to see if they are interested in all genres, get some death metal on their show!