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  1. At the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh with 5 Second Warning
  2. Play quite a lot of bike rallies, biker parties, clubhouse events, probably my favourite kind gig. Always fantastic fun. Never any problems getting paid. Never had any issues with the crowd. The gigs do have a tendency to stretch waaaay beyond the normal 2x60 minutes, but what the hey, they're enjoying it, we're enjoying it
  3. according to him in an interview in Guitarist he played a '65 P bass in his Deep Purple days
  4. Small world... I went to school with Garry and although I haven't met you Ralph, I do know your vocalist Emma
  5. Either Speakon to speakon from amp to cab1 then jack to speakon from cab 1 to cab 2 or Speakon to jack from amp to cab 1 then speakon to speakon from cab 1 to cab 2 Shouldn't make any difference
  6. Would heartily recommend the following [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item415e6ede2d"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381?pt=UK_Home_Garden_PowerTools_SM&hash=item415e6ede2d[/url]
  7. Just to echo most everyone above... Got a genz benz contour plus the extention cab in december... absolutely fabulous, and incredible value and fantastic service from Bass Direct.
  8. Well done that T'bird... username change request to "Columbo" launched?
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickup_(music_technology)
  10. Would suggest raising the D string at the bridge and see if that removes the click. Have had a similar sounding problem with a P bass, the action was just a touch low so that on the initial attack the string was clicking off the fret after the one being fretted... or the 1st fret when playing an open string. It only appeared playing fingerstyle as I tend to pluck down through the string, when using a pick and playing across the string there was no click.
  11. Was at the Classic Grand in Glasgow last night playing with 5 Second Warning as part of the Clutha Benefit weekend... had a cracking time. Some excellent bands on the bill. It was my first live outing with the band and had a great time. Unfortunately I had to have words with the soundman... the mic he gave me for backing vocals was out of tune House bass rig is an svt450 with 8x10 so no problem being heard
  12. the matching of the valves depends on the biasing... Have just done a valve replacement and bias on a marshall guitar head, 4 EL-34's in the head, but they are biased in pairs so could buy either 2 matched pairs or a matched set of four. Hot Rox give you the option of buying as matched pairs/quads/ etc. If it's fixed bias (no pot inside for adjustment) then I would guess you would need a matched set of 6
  13. Any idea how old it is? Found the wiring diagram for the MkV... fan should be seeing 46V It's rated at 110V 20w according to the parts list
  14. Another Laney user here... got an R3 which is currently known as an RB6 i think. 100w on its own, 165w with an extention cab (I use the laney 4x10). Keeps up nicely in a 3 100w marshall guitarist band (although, to be fair, they have all been playing for years and know how to EQ properly and know the difference between volume and clarity) DI works nicely. Tweeter is a bit hissy, but there's an off switch. Cheap as chips, rugged/robust... nothing flashy (no built in tuner/headphone out/cd in etc.) but does what it says on the tin. Played getting on for 100 gigs with it, never had an issue, and if it exploded horribly tomorrow it's more than paid for itself... Bought for £150 from this very forum.
  15. Sat my ABRSM Grade 1 Music Theory exam last night... Was the oldest candidate by at least 25 years, and most of the rest were sitting grade 5. Might well have been older than the invigilator too
  16. I've been using one of these [url="http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381"]http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/28020-Analog-Soldering-Station-150-480-C-60-W-with-Silicon-Wire-/280757198381[/url] for repairs... nice wee unit and cheap too.
  17. A pleasure to deal with, Cheers Muzz
  18. johnny_frog


    Estates are indeed the dugs danglers. Picked up a volvo estate a few weeks ago and it is mahoosive. I have played in pubs smaller than the back o the volvo (with the rear seats folded down obviously).
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