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  1. Sorry for a maybe dumb question, but what does "CO" stand for? Wonderful bass!
  2. Probably! But I don´t like 10´s. Twelves and even better - 15" is the perfect match for me. But I´m not looking for amps/cabs. I´m totally home with my gear. It´s still lightweight compared to the Sunn 300T and 2 JCM800-cabs.
  3. I´ve owned a Aguilar DB412 and I own a PH412. It must be more than 7kg between them in real life, beyond the tech-specs... The PH412 I can lift in and out of the car by myself. The Aggie was ALMOST impossible to manage by myself.
  4. Well, it certainly doesn´t feel like 61kg. I´ve had som big cabs and the PH412 I have is WAY lighter than an Ampeg 810 or the Aguilar 412 (had them both) I would have guessed around 50-55kg, since it feels just a tad heavier than the Marshall JCM800 412. It also has handles on the top, sides and on the bottom. Sooooo much easier to move/lift compared with the Ampeg or Aguilar who only has handles on the top. I lift it in and out of cars by myself. Stairs? I´d rather take the PH412 than the Ampeg/Aguilar fridges, of course it makes things easier if you´re two. But if you´re into cabs in these sizes, you get help lifting it in stairs etc anyway. What 412 cab weights 40kg and still delivers just as good? Mine is a the vintage-type. Is it perhaps lighter than the standard?
  5. I have the M9 Carbine Head and tha PH412 and PH215 enclosures. I´ve loved my Sunn 300T for many years, but it broke down on me a summer with a lot of gigs and I had to buy something quick. Enter the M9. For me, there is nothing on the market that could make me wanna change gear. Except maybe for the Mesa Strategy or the Fender Super Bassman. But since the M9 is rather lightweight (remember I´m used to the Sunn, SVT:s etc) it´s going to stay forever... I mostly play a 65 P-bass with the M9 and the PH215-speaker. When I play metal, i use one of my Warwicks with the M9 and PH412, but I could easily use the 215 for the metalstuff as well. I like lots of mids and pretty much low end. I don´t like so much top-treble-fizzle... If lightweight isn´t important. I´d skip the Subway-cabs. I´ve only tried the smallest ones but they didnt work for me at all... The D800 is the best Lightweight amp around, if you ask me. The only lightweight amp that doesn´t feel like a compromise soundwise. It´s all there. But I´d go for Powerhouse Cab. The 215 and 412, 810 and 610 are really easy to move around with handles everywhere and not Aguilar/Ampeg-heavy....
  6. It´s interesting that Reidys saying that "Fender announces". Has anyone seen Fenders announcement? It would certainly seem a bit more serious if you show some kind of source... For some standard guy in Little Rock Arkansas, it´s might not be a problem to get the right papers for his Rosewood fretboard. But there´s a big difference when you´re trying to get papers for truckloads of RW-logs, and especially so if you´re going to export guitars with that material. The swedish distributor for Gibson hasn´t got a single guitar this year because of the new regulations. A lot of other distributors for other brands has the same problem, such as Ibanez etc... It might not be worth all the paperwork, the time this consumes, to keep having Rosewood on the guitars. That said. It´s ridiculous if it would be this hard to trade with RW from plantations and as someone mentioned, salvaged logs from monsoons.... The problem there I guess is that even if Fender/Gibson/Ibanez is doing everything by the book, som jackass in another part of the world will probably keep harvest these woods NOT by the book...
  7. Yes, if we´ve had a couple of more days in town, it would have been possible to go to Bassdirect, but we´re there just thu-sunso we´ll be staying in London.
  8. That´s a shame. Bassdirect isn´t possible to visit this time. I´d love to try their second hand purple one with wenge neck....
  9. Does any of the stores in London generally have any Dingwalls in stock? Going there by the end of January and were hoping to be able to try some out... I noticed that the gallery didn´t have any in stock according to their website.
  10. Seriously? You really think this is too expensive?! You must be spoiled with cheap bookprices on the continent... Especially with cheap books about Gibson basses.... Is it possible to buy this in any of the Musicstores in London or is it just via the website?
  11. [quote name='samax63' timestamp='1455440414' post='2979024'] i will be in London on March the 19, if you are still interest, i can take it with me [/quote] I´ll look at the possibilities of getting there then! Seriously! It´s a shame it´s the week after the London Bass Guitar Show, I was thinking of attending that..! I´ll let you know soon!
  12. It´s a shame you´re in Paris. If this would have been in the UK, I would have flown there and bought it. Paris... Naaah.... It´s a wonderfull bass. But I´m a bit too caucious to buy an expensive bass like this and don´t get to do the transaction face to face.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  14. How is the possibilites of catching this one up in London? I´m from Sweden and since the shipping is like the price of a flight to London I´d rather go to London.. Was like 6 years ago or so, so I think it´s time! I know it´s pretty far from Glasgow but just thought that you maybe were going there sometime anyway and I could book the flight to the same dates.
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