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  1. Babylon burning

    [quote name='JapanAxe' timestamp='1484904637' post='3219492'] I have done a transcription in music notation if that's any use to you. [/quote]
  2. Babylon burning

    [quote name='tom5string' timestamp='1484901918' post='3219470'] talking about the Ruts song? Cheers, Tom [/quote]
  3. Babylon burning

    Could somebody tell me how the chours works,many thanks
  4. 151 or 210 markbass cab PM with details.
  5. Wanted mark bass 2x10 cab , loaded or empty.
  6. Love song

    Hi,trying to work out chorus riff ,love song by the damned,and copy the lead riff,thanks
  7. Pre amp pedel

    [quote name='HowieBass' timestamp='1419109139' post='2636755'] Lots of people use them as one link in creating their sound, you'll usually find they colour the tone so it's not simply a signal boost (and you can get clean boost pedals too). As an example the SansAmp Bass Driver DI can give you the effect of a valve amp front end where you can add warmth or grit or just a bright more modern tone - there's an inexpensive Behringer unit that does a very similar thing. A preamp pedal is one alternative to having an onboard active EQ so if you have a passive bass it's a way to get the tones you'd expect from an active instrument but there's no reason why you can't run an active bass through a preamp pedal. A lot of the pedals (SansAmp and Behringer included) allow you to direct inject (DI) straight into the front of house (FOH) amplification rig just in case your stage rig/combo doesn't have that facility. Some people choose to just run a preamp pedal on stage and take a feed through a monitor wedge so they don't have to supply any backline. [/quote] thank you
  8. Pre amp pedel

    Getting used to giging, a bit, can anybody explain a pre amp pedal, i play an active 34 musicman through a markbass with 2 x 2,10s, . i don"t understand the pre amp thing, help, thanks
  9. Could you not just swap for black markbass speakers,
  10. MB1 Feedback

    Great guy to deal with, thanks
  11. Feedback MB1

    Great guy to deal with , thanks
  12. pa speaker

    Thanks, pubs, really. just trying to make things a bit easier to transport and carry, the power amp is peavy 1600. until i typed in pa speakers in ebay, i am now lost with prices, quality ect.