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  1. [quote name='Funky Dunky' timestamp='1418127932' post='2627068'] Brad - Shame [/quote] Absolutely brilliant album :-)
  2. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1386677282' post='2302899'] Too true - I did it with a band and the guitarist stopped and asked why I wasn't playing! [/quote] A well attuned musical ear your guitarist has there.
  3. Just started listening to these guys via another thread on here. Great stuff. Thanks for the link
  4. Camille. I think I'm in love :-) http://youtu.be/-ow6SWpx7k4
  5. [quote name='barkin' timestamp='1377762035' post='2191354'] An instrument with a quality of construction, fretwork etc that'll allow a low action has got to be good. Whether a player likes a low (whatever that is...) action is another matter. [/quote] This. Much easier to raise the action to your taste on a great bass than lower it on a nasty one.
  6. [quote name='xilddx' timestamp='1377732852' post='2191263'] It's like finding a corpse in your f***ing greenhouse isn't it. [/quote] A genuine LOL moment - I take my hat off to you, sir
  7. [quote name='Monckyman' timestamp='1377251863' post='2185265'] Hello all. I have a Boss Gt6b which I use on all my gigs. [b]<snip>[/b] I'm dreaming of a small 4to 6 pedal board with a psu,tuner,sans amp/Tech21,overdrive,Octaver. Would it be a waste of time? [/quote] I did exactly this and I prefer the pedal board set-up, probably because: - I'm too lazy to explore the near-infinite configuration of the GT6-B - I have exactly what I (think I) need on the board, but see [b]Warning [/b]below - I spent a lot of time and effort selecting the pedals and I'm really happy with my sound I may very well be in a complete state of denial! [b]Warning:[/b] Simple pedal board setups are a gateway to more complex/expensive ones if you're as weak-willed as I am. I now run Radial Bigshot I/O into a Nova Dynamics compressor then SFT, Big Muff, BassBalls (these three via a Wounded Paw Blender) then BassOctave Deluxe, CEB-3 Chorus, SansAmp YMMV, etc.
  8. [quote name='dave_bass5' timestamp='1377181092' post='2184431'] That it would never be stolen from a gig, no matter how often it was left out at the end of the night at a Pikey festival. [/quote] A contender for the Basschat Famous Quotes thread right here
  9. [quote name='stingrayPete1977' timestamp='1377087577' post='2183152'] I have a yita bow too, it's quite pretty but I'm terrible at using it [/quote] I have absolute confidence that this will be my situation, too. Challenge 1 will be generating any sort of coherent noise using the bow. I expect Challenge 2 will be to correct the revealed flaws in intonation I have carefully embedded
  10. Thankyou, Bilbo and fatgoogle. Food for thought there and I have to agree both that the Finale sounds like great 'bang for buck' and the timbre of Jason's voice is quite a different thing to his arco
  11. Hi All, I'd like to try my hand at a bit of arco but don't want to spend a fortune on a bow. I have heard (via this forum, I recall), that carbon bows are good value for money and wondered whether something like this would be a reasonable starting point: http://www.thomann.de/gb/alfred_stingl_by_hoefner_as_34_bf_carbon_bassbogen_34.htm I understand that at this price point this is not likely to be stellar and that a bow's preferred characteristics will be a personal thing, however I'm assuming that for a while at least my frantic scrapings will be well within the bow's potential Does anyone have any experience with this particular model, or indeed any other advice to pass on? Thanks in advance, folks!
  12. [quote name='steve-bbb' timestamp='1377029362' post='2182535'] [color=#ff8c00][b][size=8]INSTANTANEOUSLY ![/size][/b][/color] [/quote] You may have tried other booty makers...
  13. What I really want to know is should the levels be modified to include 'INTI' and if so, where should it sit?
  14. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1376439190' post='2174106'] Yes, Nigel; now, go and lie down, there's a good lad. <snip> (Shhhh.....) [/quote] I had to read both your and xilddx's posts a few times to attempt to work out what was being said and I've come to the conclusion that I'm not perceptive enough to understand either , but I agree that you should assume you can always improve and get closer to your own ideal. The idea of having a level into which you fit is subjective and, for me, the acid test is playing with others - you'll get pretty immediate feedback on where you're perceived to be on whatever arbitrary scale is chosen. Beyond a modest level of technical facility and understanding of theory (whether formally taught or otherwise acquired), if you can wrestle a noise out of your instrument that fits in and is appreciated, that's good enough. Identifying in yourself what's not good enough by the standards you've set for yourself is another kettle of fish!
  15. [quote name='Stickman' timestamp='1376067636' post='2169350'] No, it is not a good technique and has nothing to do with 'balance'; it is quite inefficient. [/quote] This has been my personal experience, too. I worked on having a relaxed, slightly curled in ring and pinky finger and it made a significant difference to my speed and endurance. It was a tip I picked up from a Dave Marks video on YouTube and I'm glad I did. Your mileage may vary etc.
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