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  1. Want (but 4 strings)!! Kinda half relieved when I've emailed Bonners (as they looked after me with my TC gear) and they came back with just the humbucker version. I'm still lusting after one of these though. I'd probably opt for a white or black version to make it look more like a crazy 1950's style futurist bass Once I realised that you get a button for each pickup and when all off the back to are running together it all made sense. There should be almost no tone out-of-reach with that set-up with the addition of the active option.
  2. I've been lusting over the 4 string Big Al since I first saw it. I've even started asking people for donations! I love the fact that it's retro-futurist and wouldn't look out-of-place in any band. If I could get one at a good price and then pay it off monthly I'd be slamming down the deposit (even though I'm still paying off my TC Electronic gear). I seriously think it would be one of those basses that I bought for keeps. I must now avoid visiting The Gallery........ perhaps a quick look wouldn't hurt.......
  3. If I had the money......... I love the look and sound of this - I'm not usually a fan of gold hardware or white instruments but everything just works together [url="http://www.fender.com/uk/products/search.php?partno=0190115801"]Fender - why do you taunt me so[/url]??
  4. Hmmmmmmmmmk.... [list=1] [list=1] [*]A red metal-flake Marlin. Paid about £45 for it from a strange 'sell anything' store in Wakefield in '87 - can't remember the model but it did have a cool shape to it [*]Hohner 'The Jack' [*]Yamaha BB5 [*]Ibanez Sound Gear - didn't keep for long [*]Yamaha RBX 350 [*]Yamaha Attitude (still own- the RBX then got a DiMarzio P to match the Attitude) [*]Schecter Diamond Custom 5 (still own) [*]Fender Jazz Fretless (Mex) (still own) [*]Italia Modulo (still own) [/list] [/list] At the beginning I was also buying guitars until I got an Ibanez RG440m in the early 90's which I occasionally still get out to have a rock-star moment
  5. TC Electronic Combos: Just discovered that by removing one screw you can slot any of the TCE Amps in there should you want to swap them about or even just take the amp someplace [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK63gSaalmM"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK63gSaalmM[/url]
  6. [quote name='MacDaddy' post='713591' date='Jan 15 2010, 12:07 PM']the Attitude please Jay! [/quote] No Probs
  7. [quote name='absentmindeduk' post='706745' date='Jan 9 2010, 05:00 PM']Thought I'd stick my oar in here too.... Dlx AM Fender Jazz FMT, Ampeg B2R thru Alesis M/Verb 4.0 into 2x MB Traveler series.[/quote] Is it just me or do the MB cabs look startled?
  8. I just went super cheap and paid £8 for a folding luggage rack from Walthamstow market - bosh! RS210 fits nicely on it and I wont cry if someone steals it or if it breaks.
  9. [quote name='Musicman20' post='712119' date='Jan 14 2010, 12:02 AM']Apparently the NAMM release for TC is the Combo 450 with either the Classic or Staccato amp head as well as the RH450. Im hoping they dont make a new RH450 for a while! New finish on the cabinets as well with diff placement of the badge, (as per the ones I ordered).[/quote] Ooooo - I'll have to track down some pics of the new finish and logo position. But this will mean that when I eventually get my second cab they wont match Oh well. I took my rig to its first gig (The Lexington in Angel) and it sounds great when it's loud! Up until then I had only heard it at around 8 O'clock but at 10/11 o'clock....... wow! It's puncy, clear, defined and the tube overdrive is lush! I'm gigging at The Flag in Watford tomorrow (Saturday) and next Friday I'll be at Luton University Student Uni with the BBC Introducing Team. J
  10. [quote name='thunderbird13' post='708222' date='Jan 10 2010, 09:31 PM']01. Essexbasscat 02. Lonestar. Fender 4string Jazz Pervy TL5 Markbass2x10 (not very exciting but they're all I have!) 03. molan - Celinder J4 Update, Zon VB4, Spector NS5XL, Epifani Ul510, Bergantio AE1x12's, who knows what else. . . 04. Jerry_B - Westone Spectrum DX (unless I acquire something I like better before the meet). 05. michael-faces - Probably just a Warrior Soldier bass 06. JackLondon - Simnett MK6 (Should have this month), Ibanez BTB556MP, Ibanez SR305 Fretless, GK 1001RBII, Barefaced Compact, Boss GT 10-B, £X, 40 cigarettes, 07. Stingray5 - Selected basses in my sig pic (Music Man, Tune, Fender, Westone); Trace Elliot GP12 SMX rig (depending on venue); Boss GT-6B; donuts... 08. Paul S - Fender Jaguar, Trace Elliot rig. 09.Waynepunkdude: Fender Jazz, SX P-Bass, 75 JAzz RI Clone, Ampeg SVT5 Pro, Ashdown ABM 4X10, Mag 1X15. 10. MacDaddy. Custom Shuker, Custom Iceni Zoot &/or Hamer Blaze (depending on transport). 11.Thunderbird 13 - Cort CQ4 Zoom B2.1u maybe an Epiphone Thunderbird if anyone is interested 12.JayGarrett (depending on date) - TC Electronic RH450, RS210, and RC4 and one of these if needed as I'll be travelling by tube: Yamaha Attitude Limited, Schecter Diamond Custom 5 or Italia Modulo or even the Mex Jazz fretless.[/quote]
  11. [quote name='Conan' post='700226' date='Jan 4 2010, 09:18 AM']Been reading these reviews and comments with interest! Thanks guys! One thing that I've noticed is that there is a massive price difference between the amp and the cabs. Any reasons for this? Would the TC cabs be compatible with other amps? Does it imply that the cabs are not made to quite the same standards, or has someone made a mistake in the pricing policy? [/quote] I can't see why they wouldn't be compatible to be honest. I've not seen any lack in quality with my RS210 and, starting Friday, me and the TC rig will be gigging once or twice a week for forseeable future J
  12. [quote name='jonsmith' post='700182' date='Jan 4 2010, 12:57 AM']Nor mine. Spotted Nick Beggs using a TC Electronics setup at a recent Steve Hackett gig and that made me curious about these. Like what I've heard on the web so I hope to be checking them out for myself in person soon. I've certainly got to the point in life where I'm fed up lugging a huge rig around, certainly for smaller gigs anyway. Anybody know anywhere that's doing these cheap(er)?[/quote] Yeah - Nick Beggs has a great sound through his TC rig I'd recommend BassDirect and Bonners (the latter does finance deals) and Bass Merchant was another I was looking at. I ended up going with Bonners and they were really helpful and didn't seem to mind my regular emails/phone calls with questions I'm really impressed by the sound from such a small rig - makes me wonder why I was dragging around so much gear before. J
  13. [quote name='Musicman20' post='699842' date='Jan 3 2010, 07:09 PM']Great review. I've been thinking of getting two RS210s instead of an RS210 + 212. Anyone compared the two cabs?[/quote] Thanks buddy. I'd be interested hearing the difference
  14. I wrote a review of the RH450 and RS210 rig here: [url="http://gadgetynews.com/tc-electronic-rh450-and-rs210-bass-amp-2-0-user-review/"]http://gadgetynews.com/tc-electronic-rh450...-0-user-review/[/url] J
  15. I'll keep my eye on that fault but I've just written a review about my new TC Electronic rig here: [url="http://gadgetynews.com/tc-electronic-rh450-and-rs210-bass-amp-2-0-user-review/"]http://gadgetynews.com/tc-electronic-rh450...-0-user-review/[/url]
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