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  1. For anyone who is new or still struggling with staves, here is an overview of the most commonly used staves. Some more groovi intro's have fun The-Ultimate-Guide-To-The-Modes-Of-The-Major-Scale-For-Bass.pdf 5-Beginner-Bass-Lines.pdf
  2. Hi, when I was very young yes that was really a long time ago, yes I was just 18 and I had a dream. Making my own music, so I went to music school, but in the meantime my brother wanted to set up a bath. Well I was happy we rehearsed, days on end. And every minute I could I played guitar on my bass. Those were the best days of my life. Then after 6 months another bass player came.and yes he would have been great. But that turned into a disappointment. Because, as a show beast that could not read a note only sell show. But I also had to learn guitar spe. Luckily my second instrument at the music school was guitar. So I learned all the styles that were there and that were played in the band. No problem I thought. But just before the first gig there was a guitarist who would be better than me but this performance was a disaster. Ok then the band wanted a keyboard player. So I was going to learn pano, yes I knew 2 staves and that came with the key. A disaster Yes it was, because no one knew what the other was doing or playing. The performance was broken off. It was done playing. The band fell apart, the guitarist was gone the bass player had smashed his only bass guitar and had nothing left. So I borrowed my violin bass. That bass was my life n my soul. But I had brought the guitarist back and I became a keyboard player, great on to a first performance. But no, the owner of the hall wanted us to pay immediately because nothing had been paid. The manager had started walking with our money and left us with debts. So the band was a thing of the past. I felt a void in my life so I worked day and night. After a few years I got one burnout after another. Now I am a pain patient and yes I have tried to pick up my bass again. I will be happy when everything back in my life sounds like it should be, moments of pure happiness and pleasure. I enjoyed every note I've ever played, I wanted the world to enjoy what I did, how I played. I was happy when I enjoyed my game. Now I'm afraid of blundering, which is why I don't play for other people anymore. When I got my violin bass back, the bass player had broken my wires of my bass guitar, my entire bass was destroyed. I then gave everything away to other people, and years later I got my violin bass back. But now I have been trying to fix it for 3 years. I have time. But I'm glad I got to tell my story. thnx PS These are my bass guitars.
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