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  1. what a guy; great band. [url="http://youtu.be/2plXqCTbyoA"]http://youtu.be/2plXqCTbyoA[/url]
  2. one of the great gigs [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbwz532EQw8"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbwz532EQw8[/url]
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    saturday night bump
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    Selling MXR compressor to buy a TC spectracomp for my Nano board. Boxed, velcro, great condition (tiny marks on side from touching plugs). Price reduced to £100 includes UK postage. More photos available.
  5. Chris is a craftsman and gentleman. Always talks sense when i have spoken to him. i love his telecaster style basses but this is something special.
  6. it's a great album by a genius. Not comparing it to anything else, whether by Bowie or anyone else, it's the best thing on the go at the moment.
  7. awesome - as well as Another Green World, there is some incredible work by Percy on Eno's Before and After Science
  8. I am a very happy Tecamp user, never had an issue - watched the Bona thing unfold and now this. Sad. Best of luck to Thomas.
  9. [quote name='Kev' timestamp='1448653004' post='2917251'] I think the sickener here is that this is someone who built Darkglass pedals, and not just another manufacturer jumping on the bandwagon. I really struggle to understand why he is trying to play this like he is surprised at the reaction he is getting. I wouldn't be too surprised if there was some form of non-competing agreement in place. I have spoken to Doug but haven't pressed him for the details as it is between him and his solicitors. [/quote] OK we are all comfortable with paying peanuts for a Mooer B3K rip off but this is different from flattering imitation. If I had spare enclosures I would do whatever i could to make sure i didn't use them for an OD.
  10. OK, still murky water. Hold my final judgement until I hear that they sound nothing like the B3K etc but not sure how much scope there is for a product that looks and sounds like Darkglass released by a guy who worked with then fell out with Darkglass.
  11. massively underrated basses - I have the same in natural and it absolutely rocks. Good luck with the sale.
  12. [quote name='Dad3353' timestamp='1448047415' post='2912756'] Once again, very 'left field'. The video, more still than the music or lyrics, strikes me as being quite allegorical, and about as modern as current affairs. Timely, thought-provoking, but can the blind see that all is in the eye of the beholder..? On a lesser, more 'musical' note, excellent, imaginative, drumming. Top stuff; this lad will go far. [/quote] agree with all that. Also he looks gorgeous for a near 70 year old geezer
  13. my hero - still sounding great. (I have just spent time relearning Sons and Fascination note for note, just for fun).
  14. [quote name='kevin_lindsay' timestamp='1444764666' post='2885817'] Chris is a star. [/quote] looking forward to seeing the latest photos of your jazz - his tele basses are incredible
  15. not sure if there was a better place for this but just got some high quality work done by Chris in Edinburgh - new nut on Warwick and sorted out wiring/earthing on a Fender Marcus with John East pre (this one sounded tricky to identify and sort issue inc calls to John but job done). Very highly recommended and certainly IMHO the best in Edinburgh area.
  16. [quote name='ikay' timestamp='1443475779' post='2875150'] It works fine with a low B but is a bit sensitive to where you clip it on the headstock. In some positions it picks up a harmonic rather than the fundamental. [/quote] it took me a while to realise that after registering a B rather than an E on my 4 string.
  17. maybe I am spoilt but metering seems pretty essential - don't get me wrong I loves me my TC pedals (3-4 on my nano board) but it's a tough market out there. Suppose £99, if that's the price point, means its a good bit cheaper than some of the competition.
  18. minor update as I have started using TC Polytune Clip, so off goes the Polytune Noir Mini and on goes my Ditto
  19. Although the p-bass is the defining tone, here's Derek on a Wal, sounding and looking awesome [url="https://youtu.be/gHShzslJvHQ"]https://youtu.be/gHShzslJvHQ[/url]
  20. there are fewer greater compliments than those VERY occasional times when someone in the band says "Colin Moulding" in describing something I do. taste in bass personified.
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