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  1. Oh wow thank you all! 5mins later and I have a raft of reading! Thank you so much! 😁👍
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  3. Hey all! Only recently getting back in the game after pretty much a decade, and I wanted to talk headphone-based practice setups. im looking for the best way to have Bass=>tuner&/or preamp=>headphones setup. Not overly interested in any effects or altering the bass tone, I just wondered if anyone had some recommendations for how to practice alone, quietly, thru headphones. Bonus points for an audio in to run the track I’m tryna learn whatcha recon? 😁👍
  4. Morning all! lapsed bassist, used to be half decent but I realised my bass hadn’t been out of her case (coffin) in a decade, so decided to remind myself of why I started in the first place! I’ll be asking some stupid questions regarding gear, but please be kind! 😁 At one point I had a few MMSR5s, a Ricky401, as well as an original 1970’s Rickenfaker, a Warwick and some a project Squires and Washburns that I pimped with upgraded hardware and preamps, but now I just have my treasured Overwater Progress3 5-string, a Carlisle one made by Chris and his team, and it’s such a waste to have her stuck in a box! take it easy, see y’all on the chats!
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