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Status Updates posted by franzbassist

  1. Trying out the Boss WL-20L wireless system for the first time at an outdoor gig tonight.  Looking forward to seeing how it performs.

    1. franzbassist


      It performed really well.  Superb bit of kit.

  2. Did anyone here win Bernie Marsden's Yamaha BB bass at auction today?

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    2. Cairobill


      I just sold mine (and will probably be looking for another one soon). 

      The Marsden one went for 1050. Plus fees for the auction house etc it probably cost the buyer over 1300. As BB2000s are struggling to get over 1K on bass chat I would say it was over the market value.

      There's one (pickup only) in Essex which hasn't shifted at 1300 and the seller is asking for offers. That would probably go for not a lot over 1000 if you could pick up?

    3. franzbassist


      Thanks Cairobill. TBH I'm not that bothered about owning one of those basses per se, it was more the fact it was Bernie's. He was one of my favourite guitarists and it would have been nice to have the bass.

    4. Cairobill


      Ah yes - a rare one in that sense. The upshot is that the BB2000 is probably the best bass in the world! IMHO of course ;) 


  3. Rebuilding my pedalboard tonight.  Downsizing a bit.

    1. SpondonBassed


      Back-pedalling huh?  You freewheeler you.

    2. Nice Guy Rich

      Nice Guy Rich

      Bass - Tuner - Amp 😁👍🏻, that’s all you need

    3. franzbassist


      I would agree Rich, for the last three decades I never used pedals.  It's only by playing in a band that does a lot of 80s covers that some effects have been appropriate. 

  4. Just worked out "Mr Blue Sky",  What a great bassline!

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    2. Paul S

      Paul S

      I'd just like to take a second to thank @prowla for his valuable contribution.  Anyone else gots some chips that need p!ssing on?  😂

    3. prowla


      Oi! - I never said the bassline wasn't any good...

      ...but then again I can't say I've ever listened to it, as my ears don't like the song.

    4. Paul S

      Paul S

      Marvellous, well done.  I look forward to more pointless negativity from you about stuff you don't like.  Helps the forum glide along nicely.  🤪

  5. I bloomin' love playing the bass

  6. Okay, which one of you bought the FGN Jazz in Andertons last night?  I was literally checking out with it in my basket at the same time! 🤣

    1. BillyBass


      Hopefully, whoever that was has just saved you from spending your other half's Christmas present money on an impulse purchase from Andertons

    2. franzbassist
    3. snorkie635


      Not guilty. 😁

  7. Never realised just how wrongly I played "Merry Xmas Everybody" by Slade until I charted it out just now :)

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    2. snorkie635


      Yes indeed, Jim Lea is a fine and tricksy player.

    3. andybassdoyle


      Right. And it's also a tune where it's very easy to go off the reservation pretty quickly if you don't really know what you are doing!


      Thankfully we get 11 months to practice it

    4. Bassman1974


      I've simplified it, as I've no time to learn the proper line being in multiple bands. Sounds fine rocked up!

  8. Just popped a set of La Bella 45-128 flats on my main bass and they are perfect tension when detuned by the half-step we play in.

  9. Just completed my first ever fret level and dress of a bass.  Took it slow, but really pleased with the results.  Definitely worth learning to do!

    1. JapanAxe


      I do most of my own setup and maintenance but I've never dared take a file to my frets - well done that man!

  10. Both family cars damaged on consecutive days.  Law of averages loves me!

    1. Merton


      Bugger 😩

    2. Daz39


      Exactly what he said!!

    3. prowla


      That's not good.

      It may be worth checking out your insurance T&Cs too.

  11. Just completed my first pickup and active preamp install. Pretty chuffed with myself :)

  12. First gig since March 2020 last Saturday.  It was so good to be back out and playing live again!

  13. When you've tried everything and your new low B string still won't intontate properly.... :sorry:

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    2. SpondonBassed


      If it's a new like-for-like replacement La Bella should be willing to exchange or at least advise.

    3. franzbassist


      I'll drop them an email and hope they reply, cheers.

    4. franzbassist


      Spent more time fettling this afternoon.  Flipped the string over (the ball end is locked in place in the ETS bridge system) and it seems to have done the trick.  Fingers crossed!

  14. Looks like I have a pedal stalled somewhere in the Netherlands with PostNL :(

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    2. franzbassist


      Thanks for that @umcoo, slightly reassuring to hear.  It's now been 7 days without a change of location, so fingers crossed something happens soon!

    3. franzbassist


      Yay, finally an update - "sent to the country of destination" 👍


    4. franzbassist


      Another week and no further updates :(


  15. So glad I'm back with a Demeter amp again.  Such a wonderfully clear, warm tone.  Impossible to get a bad sound from it.

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    2. BCH
    3. JapanAxe


      That’s it. Clockwise for more gain.

    4. franzbassist


      It's not the most tweak-friendly location, for sure....

  16. My band is learning "It's my life" by Talk Talk, so I've re-learnt it some 36 years after I originally learned to play it :)

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    2. acidbass


      Superb line.  Love that Ray tone!


    3. shoulderpet


      Am learning this one at the moment, have played it before but am learning it "properly" now and its amazing how much ive been playing wrong, when learning a song the mind has a tendency to fill in the blanks with the most conventionally pleasing notes but when you go to actually learn something properly you find that the original bassist does things like dropping a note a semitone where you wouldn't expect it to create a bit of discord.

    4. bassbiscuits


      Top tune and great bass playing

  17. Latest lockdown treat - Ashdown Tone Pocket headphone amp!

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    2. Muppet


      One is to charge it with the supplied 10v power supply, the other is for an optional power supply such as an in-car charger. It also charges via USB

    3. Bozzy


      I love mine but I also have problems with the rechargeable battery. I only get around 45mins. Seems like it only needs about 20mins to charge before the green light goes out. Tried both 10v and usb.

    4. Muppet


      re your question about charging, the green light goes out after 30 mins or so. This is a fast charge only and  will give you the 45mins or so that you are getting. A full charge with the charger takes about 10 hours according to Ashdown. Hope that helps.

  18. Just treated myself to a little lockdown gift - the Dunlop Complete Bass Setup kit.  Be nice to have everything in one place.

    1. LeftyJ


      Nice, looks like a very useful set! Looks like quality gear too at first glance. 

    2. BruceBass3901


      I'm now eyeing this or the D'Addario one

  19. Another shout out to MoJoKe for service above and beyond.  He is an absolute legend :drinks:

    1. SpondonBassed


      Another comment for his feedback thread then?

      Feedback for MoJoKe

  20. Sliced the median nerve in my middle finger over Christmas.  Totally numb down one side.  Feels weird :(

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    2. SpondonBassed


      Phew.  I hope you don't feel a fool too.

      You never said how it happened...?

    3. franzbassist


      Picking up a broken jar.

    4. GisserD


      Sounds much like tidying up and/or cleaning to me....

      .....I let someone else do all that. I highly suggest you do the same! :)

  21. Going into the studio tomorrow to do some backing tracks with my son on drums and daughter behind the desk.  Proud Dad moment! :)

    1. Jezyorkshire


      great stuff mate, I'm doing something similar with my son, hope it goes well, Jez

  22. A cancelled meeting afforded me the chance to try out the new Ibanez semi-hollow basses.  Very nice, and great setup on the fretless.

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    2. SpondonBassed


      I've just bought my first Ibanez having tried out a tribute kit build loosely based on the SR605 but with a simple passive 2HB configuration.  I liked the form and the neck.  It didn't take me long to realise that I wanted the real thing because the kit showed me some of the things I wanted in a bass that I hadn't been able to decide upon before.

      Given the spare cash, would you have one now that you've tried the semi-acoustic?

    3. franzbassist


      Quite possibly, yes.  Probably the 4 string fretted, or the Artcore short scale, which was also fab.

    4. SpondonBassed


      It is encouraging to hear that from the owner of a Wal.

  23. Picked up a lovely little Trace Acoustic TA30 yesterday.  Absolutely mint condition and perfect for domestic noodling :)

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