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  1. Yes indeed. Crazy as I’ve watched JVs not sell in great condition for 6/700..someone needs to step away from eBay..
  2. A ‘bumped’ set of lighter steels (using ADG and a High C as your EADG strings) is a great way to get that low tension feel. Works well with obligato and evahs too though no good for mag pickups. I think that’s basically what the presto ultralight set is too.
  3. Did this sell? I’ve got one.. would love 2
  4. Great! This won’t be round long though judging by this mornings inbox. Thanks all for the interest
  5. Thanks and yes, you’re dead right. These really are the business for not much money
  6. Do you still have this please?
  7. Fantastic guitar, sounds like howling wolf records. Made in Chicago in the late 50’s/early 60’s at best guess having read up as much as possible on it. Sadly I’m a crap guitar player this has to go, though it looks lovely next to my double bass. It’s in really good condition, plays well.. all working and original parts. I've seen these go for 5/600 hoping for a quick sale.
  8. Pound notes? Or actually euros! Having just got back from Austria getting 90p to the euro?!?! Always up for a deal.. Send me a message with what you have mate,
  9. Great little amp! I had the one with a slap bass switch! Still got the T shirt!
  10. Yes you should! I would NOT sell this if I could afford another one. If my SD800 sells I’ll be keeping it. With the NL210 you could run all three with a bit of clever wiring
  11. This is the loudest head you’ll ever hear. Knocks spots off anything I’ve used bar going down the separate preamp/power route. Really.. it’s ridiculously loud and lightweight. With two semi parametric mid controls and the VLE/VPF filters there are endless sounds available. Seriously this is NOTHING like a little mark. They were £1200 new when a little mark was £399 and you can tell. I had an F1 for a long time and this is next level in terms of tone, flexibility and WEIGHT OF BASS, even at lower volume the bass response is really deep due to the headroom. I’m using a Demeter 400D now and have a spare amp already so this should go to someone else. The EQ is spot on and has all the usual DI and effects gubbins. I think the 800w @ 4ohms rating is extremely conservative. Honestly, through a 215 this could knock a wall down and has a beautiful bell like clarity. BE HEARD FROM SPACE! Trades/courier no problem.
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