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  1. Do you know what drivers are in there Ash? I’m after a 3 way.. ahem..
  2. Total bargain these are brilliant cabs. Sad times mate..
  3. Sooo thanks for all the comments basschat..🥴 I got around this problem by adding a heavy tone capacitor to the pickup just before the volume control and added a piezo wired directly to the output. This cures the hum and gives a fat sound with a high clear treble response. The volume only controls the mag so it allows you to blend the two easily. Really works well! Surprisingly like a well mic’d Signal and LOUD. Gives a big dark tone with a precise click for percussive playing and nice fine finger response for pizzicato. Mags don’t give much for Arco but it was usable. I fit these schallers into a slot cut into the bottom of the fingerboard, the original mounts are ugly and ineffective. Pickup secured with araldite and a cable tie. Good solution for anyone using these pickups. Happy bassing..
  4. That’s a boosey and hawkes golden Strad if I’m not mistaken. Pine top. Looks like the maple board has been replaced and it’s been refinished. I have one, great basses.
  5. Yes please! If the case is available I’ll have it collected!
  6. I’ve had this a lot on basschat recently it’s very very frustrating. People offering you cash plus trade over several messages and arranging to meet then disappearing on the message thread. Very frustrating and spoils the sense of trust I usually feel doing deals and swapping gear on basschat. Sorry you’ve had a similar experience mate. Of course, we all have the right to change our mind but it seems very common to arrange a deal then disappear
  7. Yes indeed. Crazy as I’ve watched JVs not sell in great condition for 6/700..someone needs to step away from eBay..
  8. A ‘bumped’ set of lighter steels (using ADG and a High C as your EADG strings) is a great way to get that low tension feel. Works well with obligato and evahs too though no good for mag pickups. I think that’s basically what the presto ultralight set is too.
  9. Did this sell? I’ve got one.. would love 2
  10. Great! This won’t be round long though judging by this mornings inbox. Thanks all for the interest
  11. Thanks and yes, you’re dead right. These really are the business for not much money
  12. Do you still have this please?
  13. Fantastic guitar, sounds like howling wolf records. Made in Chicago in the late 50’s/early 60’s at best guess having read up as much as possible on it. Sadly I’m a crap guitar player this has to go, though it looks lovely next to my double bass. It’s in really good condition, plays well.. all working and original parts. I've seen these go for 5/600 hoping for a quick sale.
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