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  1. Hi guys! Picked up a Peavey Foundation bass with a dead/low output pick up. I wired it directly to the output jack and there is an output when tapping a screwdriver on it but not enough to get a decent signal when playing. Wiggling the wire makes no difference and I've been told it needs re-winding? Any ideas and if re-winding is the solution then any recommendations who to use? Thanks in advance...……………..
  2. A wizz round the PCB with a solder iron together with copious amounts of switch cleaner seem to have done the trick - thanks for the advice!
  3. I think the problem is under load - when the eq switch is on there is a big surge in volume so now reckon it could be anything! Might just have to go round the pcb with a solder iron......
  4. Thanks for the suggestions! The cutting out seems to have cured itself for the moment but now there is an annoying crackle that is driving me nuts! I have discovered this only occurs when the EQ switch is in the on position - I tried cleaning it with switch cleaner to no avail, does it need replacing or is there another reason that might be causing the problem?
  5. Hi guys, I have a vintage 80s Trace AH250 GP11 head which keeps cutting out under load. The signal starts disappearing and the green power indicator in the front panel starts to flicker before cutting out completely. However the green power on switch at the rear of the amp stays illuminated throughout. Frustratingly if I give the top of the amp a good thump it starts working again for a short time before breaking down again. I'm guessing it's bad earth somewhere - anyone got any ideas?
  6. [b]Peavey 210 TXF 2x10" bass cab in good lightly gigged condition with recent Peavey Sheffield speakers fitted and the diaphragm replaced in the Fostex tweeter - this is basically a new cab![/b] [b]175 watts continuous/350 watts peak @ 4ohms[/b] [b]Quality cab made in the UK[/b] [b]£150 inc free delivery![/b]
  7. [size=6][b]Trace Elliot 18" "Earth-Mover" bass cab - 200 [email protected][/b][/size] [size=6][b]Vintage 80s cab - was modified from 15" cab by previous owner using Genuine Trace Elliot Celestion speaker[/b][/size] [size=6][b]Well gigged but still plenty of life left[/b][/size] [size=6][b]Can courier if necessary but would prefer collection[/b][/size] [size=6][b]£80[/b][/size]
  8. [size=6][b]I won't bore you with the spec as if you know your Trace stuff then you will know what this amp is capable of![/b][/size] [size=6][b]600 watts of bi-ampable Trace power coupled with a 8x10" 800 watt Peavey cab @ 4ohms[/b][/size] [size=6][b]Both in matching green carpet covering so look a perfect fit together[/b][/size] [size=6][b]Ridiculously loud and all the bass rig you will ever need![/b][/size] [size=6][b]Only lightly gigged so still in presentable condition[/b][/size] [size=6][b]Cost over £2000 new back in the day[/b][/size] [size=6][b]May split[/b][/size]
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