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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. [quote name='Kempy535' timestamp='1442586246' post='2868022'] Its not a re-issue so not as desirable or worth as much as others here have suggested. If its in really good condition or you have a really good day id say £350-400 Easy way to tell if its a re-issue is the head stock font, earthing strap on the bridge, spiral bridge. Or post photos and we can tell you [/quote] This is what I was thinking too, based on eBay auctions from other countries. Unfortunately the one pic I have is not very good, but maybe it can give you some clues:
  2. My friend inherited a Fender Jazz Bass from his father and I'm interested in taking it off his hands, but we're unsure how to value it because it seems to be quite rare. It's a CIJ (A serial, so 97-98) black Fender Jazz Bass with white pickguard and rosewood fretboard. After looking at the catalogue I'm guessing it's a JB-40 but we don't know for sure because the neck hasn't been removed. It doesn't have a painted headstock like others I have found from around the same era. I've looked around on the classifieds here, and on the usual places like eBay/Gumtree but there doesn't seem to be any sold recently in the UK. Help
  3. I've got an Orange PPC212 (closed back, made in England) that I need to get rid of to make space in my small music room. They cost about £510 and it's practically brand new, only used once for around 10 minutes. I'd prefer collection or local delivery (I live in London, E4) but will send via courier if I have to. Looking for £350.00
  4. Met in person to buy an MXR M80. As described, works perfectly, thanks!
  5. Does the BDI 21 have a decent overdrive? The audio clips on the official site don't really sell it to me. I have a half decent interface - the M-Audio Profire 610. It's fine for most things. I've tried the Ampeg SVX VST - it sounds ok but I still can't manage to get a tone close enough to what I want.
  6. Not really sure about a budget. The Magma one is £500 + delivery + import duty so I'm guessing it would come in at about £700. I'd say I'd like to spend £300 but I would stretch to £400. As for Line6 stuff, I've got a PODxt with the bass add on and I don't really like it. It doesn't sound "alive", it sounds dull and lacks punch. I have POD Farm as well and it sounds the same. The BDDI and the M80 look like the kind of thing I want, but they seem to lack the fullness/saturation that I'm after. I'm only going by YouTube videos though, so I might be wrong. The M80 is definitely the closest so far though...
  7. I've been looking at buying a preamp for my bass because I'm having trouble getting a decent tone by plugging it straight into my interface. I don't want to spend too much money because I'm only really recording bass for demoing purposes. I really like the sound of this preamp: [url="http://www.monolith-loudspeakers.com/magma-10-bass-preamp.html"]http://www.monolith-...ass-preamp.html[/url] (see the video when he plugs into the A/B socket, not the audio clips) but it will cost a bit too much to buy one and get it delivered to the UK. So ideally I want something I can plug in my bass and ideally have an XLR DI output for recording. Any suggestions?
  8. Interesting. The bass sounds nice in the videos on YouTube. I worked it out, and it seems it will cost the following: Bass: $299, Case: $52.95, Shipping: $101.38 (That works out to about £290 depending on the exchange rate.) Import Duty: £10, VAT: £60. Total: £350. So the question is: Is it worth buying it for £350, knowing that I may have to replace the preamps, or can I find a better 5 string fretless bass for the same price?
  9. I've got an Agile Intrepid and I'm fairly happy with the build quality of Rondo instruments. But this fretless is $299: http://www.rondomusic.com/hxb405blackqfl.html That seems ridiculously cheap, even when you include the shipping to the UK. Anyone have any experience with them?
  10. Dubhghaill

    2X18 feedback

    I just bought a Fender Jazz Bass from Will. It's very nice! Paid on Tuesday, arranged collection for Wednesday and received it on Thursday. Excellent bass and transaction
  11. I was looking at the DiMarzio Ultra Jazz pickups. How do they compare to e.g. Fender Vintage Noiseless? Plus, BKP will make them to order for me, however I want them Also, will the preamp make them too over compressed?
  12. Thanks for the replies guys. Perhaps I should've been clearer I'm not trying to get distortion from the pickups. I'm using a PODxt which has some half decent fuzz models, but I'll probably get a Muff soon. The last Jazz Bass I had was quite noisy when distorted, so I want some pickups that are hot but noiseless. So I don't know whether to get hot pickups, or medium pickups + a preamp. I don't know which will be best for the type of sound I'm trying to achieve.
  13. I recently sold my Mexican Jazz Bass, but then I missed it so I had to buy another one to replace it. I found one on here a few days ago and it arrived this morning It's sitting next to me but I'm at work so I haven't unwrapped it yet I sold the first one because I was unhappy with the way it sounded, but I was very happy with the way it felt. I think if I upgrade the new one and then I should be happy with it. So, I've decided I probably need new pickups and a new bridge. I want to use the bass for a thick low mids sound, and also slightly fuzzy overdriven sound. I'm thinking along the lines of somewhere between The Mars Volta (Bedlam) and Mastodon. For examples of tones I like, see [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyrXy1TUDlw#t=3m20s"]here[/url] and the hard rock with rounds clip [url="http://www.lakland.com/ac_osborn.htm"]here[/url]. I use Bare Knuckle Pickups in my guitars, so I emailed the guy who makes them and asked him if he does Jazz pickups, and he does. He says he likes to make them to vintage spec. I'm not sure if they will be hot enough for what I want. So maybe I should get a preamp? I've been looking at the JZ3 preamp. And maybe a Badass II? I've never used one but I've heard they are good. Any suggestions would be recommended
  14. I sold [url="http://basschat.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=59014"]my Fender Jazz[/url] and now I miss it Will you ship to London? Funds waiting
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