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  1. Yes, as needed. Am on my 4th one now, a 4003s, that finally clicked, neck and tone-wise. Not the most consistent basses. I’d be scared to death to order one unplayed! this one is probably a keeper, but yes, picks and fingers…no thumbs, though…I’m too old.
  2. Love them all, for a while (have 14, now). Always willing to sell or trade ( up, hopefully), but I’m running outta room in a “been there, done that”, sense). Wife , who indulges me, and dog, who doesn’t care, so long as belly rubs are coming, are not fo sale: anything else, make me an offer!
  3. Tried 3 Fender PJ of various levels. Nope. Seems like it’d be a solution, but not quite on the money. Maybe one day, but I’ve gone to Sadowsky j ( wide range, but not “really” a Jazz (but I’m a Fralin fanboy) and a USA ‘62 reissue for P, when I need it.
  4. Not to be rude but in High School ( 10th grade, actually), I asked aloud “ do I deserve a Les Paul”. A much better player told me, “ If you can afford it, and you want it, what’s the question?” He thought the question a false humility. That was an epiphany for me, as it was brought into focus what my real question ( and answer) should be. That was 50 years ago. I play crap golf, but enjoy my Mizuno blades. I’m old and been married three decades but wear Creed. I don’t play bass so well and haven’t been in a band for 3 years, but I bought a Fodera 2weeks ago. I plan to play it without guilt, but will be careful with it. Frankly, my p and j basses will probably get a lot more use IF I ever start playing in bars more regularly. Play what you want, just don’t let your spouse sell your basses for what you allegedly paid for them when you die! ( that is an old joke, by the way) . Don’t buy one you can’t be comfortable with. I used to have a nice hi end watch ((NOT Rolex) but was afraid to play with my dog when I wore it., so I really DO understand your question. My point is that you (and I) should spend what we’re able for that which brings joy, but not what causes worry, dishonesty or guilt.
  5. Nice work. Love me a Status Ray neck, esp. the slightly-wider-than-Jazz size.
  6. Yep, normal M bass reverse rod. It’s made quite clear in enclosed manuals and a few places on line, but if you don’t get a manual w a used one and don’t somehow learn about it on line, you could very likely have a problem, especially if you just crank away all in one sitting. Now, none of us would ever do anything like, would we?
  7. I understand they have great customer service. Don't mean to knock any musical supply company that treats their customers right and actually carries inventory! Good on them! I'm sure their youtube stuff is not directed to grumpy old guys like me, anyway.
  8. Playing since 12 yoa. Am 65 now. Bought 1st p Bass last week. Haven’t played it out yet. Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve owned a c**p ton of Jbasses, but probably have played p basses for a total of about 20 minutes in my life. So, does that count?
  9. Have had older ( dinky body type) Metro (not Expess) and traded it for my current older ( heavy!) Tokyo Sadowsky. Both great. Old Tokyo almost 2.3 kilos heavier, though! Was recently going to get that “old guys retirement present, last bass” and last month played new Warwick Metro ($4k, usd) and the deluxe version ( almost $6k usd). Horrid, cheap feeling and no sound to brag about, with Warwick’s usual lack of attention to fit and finish. These cannot be what Mr. Sadowsky had in mind! if you have one, ymmv…I hope so.
  10. Glad I just got a mint, used custom maple King 2, 5er. Heavy, oh my word! …but if I sit down occasionally, all is forgiven.
  11. My Wife asks, “ How many are enough.” ?
  12. My picture is beside the word “ overplay” in the dictionary. Mea culpa.
  13. Let’s see: start a new band or breech birth an hedgehog…just hand me the lube…
  14. I’m on my 4th Ric. All were 4003 or 4003s. Quite inconsistent and not one was EVER intended as my only bass. Thanks to a local, used shop, I bought and sold quickly without terrible, bloodletting losses. I have 12 other basses and 5 amp systems/cabinet configurations. Most of my gear dials in similarly, but not Rics. Idiosyncratic to the end, they simply have different “care and feeding “ requirements to most basses. However, for an instrument to go from “Magical Mystery Tour” to “Fragile” to “Smithereens” type tones is worth a little effort, isn’t it? Would you buy a Hofner or Status and be honked off because it wasn’t everybody’s everything? Horses for courses, BUT, IMHO a bit more delicate than most ( bridge, neck, finish) and God help you if you need customer service or support, which are crap shoots even in the States.
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