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  1. Hi - they are (all about to be put For Sale too!): Peavey 410 TX (350W.) Ashdown ABM 410H & an unknown JBL "deep" cab fitted with an Eminence Kappa-15LFA. P.S. - my mistake as the latter two are each 600 Watts continuous! I've downsized to a TC Electronic BG250-210 for all my gigging work, but feel I should look at a light amp for the Peavey 410 TX, as a back up. I put castors on that cab so it is more manageable. I remember now I used to use a Cerwin-Vega CV-2800 to drive the Ashdown + JBL as a ridiculous 1200 Watt @ 4 Ohm stack. Various tonal preamps used. Am getting old, love the new technology and simply can't lift those big boxes any more LOL!
  2. Hi - I'm seeking your help and suggestions for a lightweight-type amp head please. I'm looking for something kicking out between 500-800 Watts continuous (R.M.S.) power rating at specifically 8 Ohms impedance. Just to drive any one of my three cabs at a time; each of those is 8 Ohm and has a continuous power rating of between 350-400 Watts. Small size light weight and portability is everything here - can you help? Thanks.
  3. Hi all - I'm looking for some help on the Gould brand of budget-price basses please - any help much appreciated! I can't find a website for them; closest was the other end of the spectrum G. Gould masterpieces. I called Chase Direct in Manchester, enquiring with them but some gormless shop assistant didn't even know that the shop he works in was selling them... I turn to my far more knowledgable fellow Basschatters for your guidance please... Thanks, Mark.
  4. FYI - bought the 4-string RBN Neo. AWESOME volume from those passive PUPS, best customer service & support from any importer ever (Sutherland). Action was slinky when I got it with roundwounds on it; now restrung with flats and this is now the lowest, fastest bass I own, as well as the prettiest. N.B. - the PUPS were so loud & clear (no electrical noise / problems here) I had to lower them into the body a wee bit. The pole pieces are the most magnetic I've seen and they easily bend the string if too close. £299 very well spent - never been tempted by any Fender / Squier "original"....all I've tried have been...erm....somewhat unpleasant. P.S. - the tirelessly helpful product manager, Kev Lee, did confirm that their website is somewhat out-of-date; the RBN 4-string now ships exactly as the image of the RBN 5, namely painted-as-per-body headstock, block fingerboard inlays & the gorgeous paint job on the body. BTW, the neck joint is 4-bolted on.
  5. Interesting you mentioned Picato flatwounds Chris. First thing I did when I got the Ibanez SR fretless was slap a set of the 40-95 Picato stainless steel flatwounds on. Was done because as I use Picato 40-95 roundwound nickels as my standard on most of my other basses. Sad to say, I HATED them, hence trying something else (namely Adagios & Olympia). The Picatos sounded particularly dull, felt tacky and were taken off promptly...probably too quickly as I didn't bother giving them a chance to break in. So, current flatwound experiments are Adagio 45-100 on the fretless Ibanez SR & Olympia 45-100 on a fretted Revelation RBN j-bass...hope these work better!
  6. Hello - any help here much appreciated please! Looking for recommendations for a lightweight hard bass case, to snugly fit my G&L L-2000 4-string P-bass style bodied fave. I was shocked to find that my Hiscox EBS-STD Liteflite case fits J-bass bodied basses a treat, but NOT either the G&L, or my similar-bodied Hohner Rockwood Pro RP150B. There;s quite a gap around the lower bout top & bottom edges. So, any thoughts please? P.S. - am not looking for gigbags, thank you. Also, any piccies of your Precision-bodied axe sitting in its hard case would be very welcome please...
  7. I'd be interested to know how you get on with these, as I fancy those for my fretless Ibanez SR...
  8. Yeah sorry...Ernie Ball Cobalts is what I meant - I'd previously used their Group IVs with pleasing results. YouTube a shootout vs. other flats and you'll hear the difference.
  9. Well I'm trying those Adagios / Olympias flats on a fretted Revelation RBN J-style but for my fretless Ibanez, I plan to go D'Addario cobalt flatwound slinkys....they are nice and loud!
  10. LOL - no you're quite right mate. What's the point in these people being employed there if they don't have the product knowledge, or can't be bothered to accurately find out in advance - I'd be cheesed off too!
  11. Hey King Tut...sorry to hear your bad experience with PMT at their Northampton branch. I just wanted to let you know that my opinion of PMT is diametrically opposite, but that's 'cos it's their Oxford branch I deal with. Tim is the manager there, but I found all the team totally helpful, knowledgable & considerate. They must've done something right, as after an impulse buy of an Ibanez SR370EF-BBT, I went back to them to order my TC Helicon BG250-210 and then my Yamaha BB425. Even after I'd agreed to pay the shop sticker price for the Yamaha, at the checkout, Tim lowered the price I'd pay as it was advertised cheaper on their website! I live near Aylesbury; so thanks for the feedback that the Northampton shop is a waste of time, but can I thoroughly recommend you check out the Oxford store. A great in-stock range of basses, amps, combos, cabs, strings & accessories...
  12. Just picked up a set of those 45-100 Olympias, bnib, on eBay "Best Offer" for £11.04 delivered...well worth a punt I think. But I'll know once they're on my Revelation RBN J-bass...
  13. A huge thanks to Mick, whom I'd fully intended to buy the Hiscox STD.EBP "teardrop"-shaped bass. You may recall, earlier contributions stating that a jazz bass fits with no wiggling or gaps anywhere. Of course neither of us stated scale lengths: the Revelation RBN Neo is a standard 34". So, it deffo "shook" in the teardrop, despite length of neck+headstock being A.O.K. But it was too long for the "standard" Hiscox. BTW, this was exactly as Hiscox's Sales Manager said...! The problem seems to be an additional decorative milled edge on the upper edge of the headstock. This adds a good 20mm. seeming to make it too long for a STD.EBS case....grrrrr. Ironically, Mick & I had discussed the option of this axe fitting only a Revelation branded bag or case....only trouble is, there are NO such things...! Sutherland Trading (U.K. importers) referred me to their own imported range. Nett result: my otherwise-superb Revelation RBN Neo 4-string will live out its life in a perfectly-fitting RockCase by Warwick RC 20805 B, even though it's not what I'd intended...
  14. Hey Cuzzie - love that case & that bass in it!
  15. Hi again, Thanks for your further ideas peops...!: @Cuzzie - cheers, cos I'd never even heard of Fusion gig bags before. They do look to have some innovative ideas don't they? @bobthedog - thank you; so that's a +1 for the Gator?! @lemmywinks - thanks for the photos, MUCH appreciated. Yep I can see how snugly that (BTW, lovely-looking!) SIre J-bass body fits into the lower part - because of that, I guess you don't miss any hold-in-place neck bracing and the cushion alone supports it firmly? Certainly looks well protected enough doesn't it? @fretmeister - thanks again for another new idea! All-in-all and on the The59Sound's say-so that a J-bass does fit snugly, I've opted for the Hiscox STD-EBP. The smooth teardrop shape, no external pockets and very positive experience I've had with my earlier Hiscox case for my Yamaha 5-string, makes this my best bet. I also reckon they're pretty good value for money; some of the prices of those U.S.-imported gig bags are astronomical... Thanks again to all who's suggestions helped me make up my mind.
  16. Thanks for your replies, all! @lemmywinks - agreed, the Gator looks good, but one of my concerns with gig bags IS, all those extra pockets & stuff. I carry all my accessories in a separate toolcase and really just want a gig bag to be very well padded & clasp the instrument tightly. So they ARE Jazz basses you put into these, yes? If so, again is the inner part of the bag a good, tight fit on the upper & lower bouts please? @sifi2112 - yeah, this sure looks good. On Thomann's site, the interior looks like it's got a nice tight-fitting cushion, shaped specifically for J-basses, i.e. an offset body style. If it's not too cheeky, is there ANY chance of asking you to post a piccie of your Jazz lying within the opened case please? Thanks in advance if you can ! @The59Sound - I must say, I do tend to agree with you. But as my J-bass doesn't fit into a STD-EBS, am I correct in presuming that you must have the teardrop-shaped STD-EBP...again, IF I'm correct, is there any chance of a piccie, pretty please...?! @Mudpup - as earlier, the Gator has a nice narrow shape; I'm guessing it is quite snug around a J-bass then? But the Blake Bravo advertised on eBay has an image of a J-bass lying in an open example with a LOAD of space around the body...yes price is good, but for me, I'd rather hold the bass' body more tightly within the bag. Thanks for ALL your suggestions to-date - very much appreciated and most informative. So, hard case options look to be narrowing toward the SKB or (ideally) the Hiscox STD-EBP - any other contenders, if you please...?!
  17. Hi everyone. Just got a Revelation RBN Neo J-bass. 4-string, inline machine heads, but it wouldn't fit my Hiscox STD-EBS case - headstock overhangs the edge. Am now looking at a Hiscox STD-EBP, whilst it's currently happily living in a RockCase by Warwick RC 20805 B soft light rectangular case. Was looking for helpful suggestions of U.K.-available very well padded gig bags & cases that follow the guitar shape, i.e. not slab-sided rectangles. Can't find a Hiscox STD-EBP in stock with any music shop to try this bass in, so your experiences & thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!
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