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  1. Sorry, just saw this! Yep, still available.
  2. Hi, Sorry, just looking for a straight sale I'm afraid. Cheers Rob
  3. Selection of Bass DVDs for sale. All in good condition. Prices include delivery, 1. Larry Graham - Funk Bass Attack. £13 2. Flea - Adventures in Spontaneous Jamming and Techniques. £13 3. Victor Wooten - Live at Bass Day 1998. £13
  4. Selection of bass books (all in great condition) for sale all prices include delivery. 1. Standing in the Shadows of Motown James Jamerson (inc. 2 x CDs) - £15 2. The Total Jazzy Bassist by Dave Ovethrow and Tim Ferguson (inc. CD) - £13 3. Giants of Bass - Stuart Clayton (inc. 2 x CDS) - £13 4. Jaco Pastorius Bass Signature Licks (inc. CD) - £13 5. Chords for Bass by Dominik Hauser (inc. CD) - £9 6. The Art of Walking Bass by Bob Magnusson (no CD) - £7
  5. Yep, couldn't agree more. Great cabs! Thanks.
  6. Markbass Little Mark III 500w Bass Head. Never gigged, superb condition, includes original box/manual and power cable. £300, Can deliver to UK Mainland for £10. This is an original Made in Italy model, apparently they are now made in Indonesia and by all accounts, not quite as good. Info from Markbass: The flagship Markbass amplifier, the Little Mark III is the industry standard for tone, portability and value. This amp adds some high-requested features to its famous predecessor Little Mark II, with the same compact size and weight! The Little Mark III's solid-state preamp has a warm and natural sound, and faithfully reproduces the true tone of your instrument. The 500-watt Markbass power amp (Markbass Proprietary Technology) supplies impeccable bass frequency reproduction. The new DI output features a pre-post EQ switch and output level control, so you can optimize the signal you send to the mixer or recording unit.
  7. Bergantino HT112ER 1x12" Cab with Bergantino Cover. Great condition (never gigged to my knowledge). £400. Could maybe arrange delivery at a cost. As many of you know, these are just great cabs!!! From the Bass Direct website: This is a redesigned version of the classic HT112 with a slightly larger cabinet to help fill out the low end. It retains the clean/smooth detailed highs, from the acclaimed HT tweeter and cross-over, plus tight, smooth mids and plenty of low end that defies it's size. Add an EX112ER or another HT112ER for an amazing full size sounding rig that will fit in the boot of a small car and handle up to 1000W. This is THE classic bass cab! One of the deepest sounding 12" cabinets available today. Excellent for Upright/Acoustic basses too. Model HT112ER specifications: •1 x 12" cast frame woofer w/ 80oz. magnet, vented pole piece •high intelligibility 1" tweeter •power handling - 350 watts rms •custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control •frequency response: 40hz - 18khz •sensitivity: 98.5db • anechoic: 2.83v/1m •2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors •impedance: 8 ohms •dimensions: 15 3/4"H x 18-1/2"W x 15"D •40cm x 47cm x 38cm •weight: 39lbs/17.7Kgs •Padded/fitted cover £60 •This cab works well with high power amplifiers from 300 - 500w at 8Ω
  8. Great condition Focusrite 2i4 2nd Gen USB Audio Interface. £90 delivered. Includes box and USB cable. 2 in / 4 out USB 2.0 Audio interface with two Mic/Instrument preamplifiers, MIDI I/O, 24bit/192kHz, USB Bus Power. From the Focusrite site: With Scarlett 2i4 your recordings will sound just how you want them. Two combination inputs with natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps, line level inputs and newly-designed instrument inputs let you record anything you want. The four analogue outputs and MIDI I/O make the Scarlett 2i4 ideal for the modern music producer using outboard synths or performing live. Use the 1/4 inch balanced jack outputs to connect to professional studio monitors, or the four RCA outputs to connect to a home speaker system or DJ mixer. The second generation Scarlett range is packed full of upgrades. New super-low latency* will bring confidence to your performance, letting you record and monitor with software effects in real time. New metal gain controls and a sleeker red metal chassis reassure you of its improved industrial design, built to go anywhere. The Scarlett range also now operates at sample rates all the way up to 192kHz, and the input channels have evolved too. The latest Scarlett mic preamp features a more even gain structure, so you can accurately set your levels, and the instrument input has also been completely redesigned so it can handle seriously hot pick-ups. Finally, Focusrite have provided analogue protection circuitry across both the inputs and the outputs, to guard your interface against unwanted power surges. Two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps with plenty of even gain Two newly-designed instrument input, designed for seriously hot pick-ups Class-leading conversion and sample rates up to 192kHz / 24 bit Super-low latency* for using your plug-ins in real time without the need for DSP Cue mix switching, with four analogue outputs One headphones output with gain control MIDI I/O connectivity, ideal for sending/receiving MIDI notes from a Stage Piano Compact and tough enough to take anywhere
  9. Pair of mint condition Tannoy 402 Studio Monitors. £120 delivered (these are around £168 for a new pair). Includes original boxes and cables. Great set of compact monitors that delivers an excellent sound with good amounts of low end for such small woofers. From the Tannoy site: "70 Watt 4" Bi-Amped Ultra-compact Studio Reference Monitor with Tuned Front-Firing Bass Port" REVEAL 402 Custom tweaked by TANNOY’s in-house speaker guru, Dr. Paul Mills, the active cross-over filters of REVEAL 402 have absolutely impeccable timing. This produces the ultimate sweet spot so that you can move around in your workspace without losing the stereo imaging of your mix – as well as invite people to sit in with you during mixing sessions. If you’re anything like us, you’re not only working on mixes but also listening to your favorite music! REVEAL 402 gives you the ultimate pathway for both. With the Aux Link, setting up has never been easier. Use the included mini jack cable to plug into your favorite music player and link your monitors for an instant stereo setup – no need for external interfaces Here is a Music Tech 9/10 review: https://www.musictech.net/reviews/tannoy-reveal-402-802-review/
  10. Sold a TC HOF Mini Reverb to Tomas. Nice easy transaction, quick payment! Thanks!
  11. Yep, battery cover is still there...it's just been covered up by the velcro.
  12. John East J-Tone Active Jazz Bass Preamp (includes box and instructions) and with Black knobs - £100 delivered. Not trades I'm afraid, looking for a straight sale. The unit is in great condition. Is was installed briefly in my Jazz Bass but I just prefer passive basses. This version is the Volume/Volume model as opposed to the blend, giving you control of the volume for each pickup. Stacked Bass and Treble and Passive Tone control with push/pull for active/passive modes. The Passive Tone control works in BOTH active and passive modes. Info from the East page: The J-Tone is a new on board preamp with a fully passive signal path and a high spec professional active preamp. It is designed to fit directly into any jazz style bass without the need for invasive modification to the instrument. In passive mode, the original jazz style bass is fully maintained since the signal path is a replica of those in the original Jazz. The preamp comes in two versions: Classic Volume / Volume / Tone passive path version, replicating original J style wiring. Push-Pull active/passive on Passive Tone. Class A FET input stage for great sound quality, with master gain trim preset adjuster. Highly responsive Bass and Treble control adjustments in active. Frequency Wheels to set the width of the bass and treble spectrums individually. Passive Tone is always operational, in both active and passive. Passive Tone has plug-in tone cap to allow easy swapping of the cap value for different roll-off frequencies. Bass control can be set as boost/cut or boost only, with an internal jumper link setting. Screw terminals for all external connections - pickups and grounding, for easy installation. Designed as drop-in replacement for standard J electronics with no physical changes to the instrument*. Design allows 9V Battery to mount beneath the preamp in a standard J style bass.
  13. Tech 21 VT Bass (V1 model without the speaker sim switch) includes metal box and manual - £75 delivered. Straight sale only I'm afraid. No trades. Great condition. The pedal has velcro on the underside. Info from their site: "The tower of power pumping through a stack of 10-inchers is the legendary bass tone for players who enjoy being heard. From chunky funk with the ubiquitous flip top, to the higher gain growl of indie rock. Still need more? Lean on the Character control for the fat distortion of Crimson and King’s X. It all sounds massive DI. Clean SVT® thump to dirty earthquaking rump, you dial it in." More info from the Tech 21 site here: http://www.tech21nyc.com/products/sansamp/vtbass/
  14. Great condition TC Electronic Hall of Fame MINI Reverb (includes box) - £50 delivered. Straight sale only I'm afraid, not looking for trades. The item is in great condition (it has velcro on the underside). A great pedalboard friendly Reverb pedal with Toneprint technology. More info from the TC Electronic site here: https://www.tcelectronic.com/Categories/Tcelectronic/Guitar/Stompboxes/HALL-OF-FAME-MINI-REVERB/p/P0DD6#googtrans(en|en)
  15. Pleasure doing business with Max! Great comms, super fast delivery and the best packaging I've seen! 10/10
  16. Set of Fender Road Worn Jazz Bass Pickups - SOLD. These came out of one of the early run of Road Worn Jazzes. All working fine, they have been aged as per the Road Worn spec.
  17. Rebel Relic 3-Ply "off-white" P-Bass pick guard - lightly worn (I this may be their Greenish model which you can see on their site - link below.). https://www.rebelrelic.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=18_45_135&product_id=699 £25 delivered.
  18. Black 3-ply pickguard straight from a Fender Nate Mendel Road Worn P-Bass. £20 delivered.
  19. Fender Nate Mendel Neck - BROKEN TRUSS ROD This is straight from a Fender Nate Mendel Road Worn signature bass. Unfortunately the Truss Rod has been snapped and doesn't function. I have put a £50 price but totally open to offers...as I'm unsure what it is worth in this state!!!
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