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  1. I remember 'singing' under mi slen teng to an old school dreadlocked record dealer around '89 at a record fair in the electric ballroom in camden to work out what the song was. No Internet or shazam back then... I'd heard it at a fun fair earlier that year. He had the album. Happy days!🤩
  2. I'll dip my toe in... linked to @Bunion 'police in helicopter' a couple of pages back I discovered Ernest Ranglin last week. Lots of classic rhythms hidden in a lighter jazz style. My personal music route means this is actually the 'Street tuff' rhythm. 😉
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome and tips. A real life tutor is definitely a route forward and the GAS may have to do with a gig bag. I was really close to going to the last Midlands bass bash but I barely knew the order of the strings and didn't want to be too newbie!
  4. Welcome from the previous new old guy, however while getting old is inevitable remember growing up is optional.
  5. Only ever played vinyl (that gives away my age a bit - soul funk reggae jazz) and was feeling left out of my musical family, as well as needing a challenge having turned 50 so bought a squier jazz bass at the same time as we got our son his own acoustic guitar as an upgrade from the school loaner. This was back in May and been using fender play to learn basics. Thoroughly enjoying it but getting a bit stuck between too easy (shortened and simplified) or too fast. So have been dipping into donstrumental and ebassguitar as well as some of Dan Hawkins fee stuff. While this is really just for me rather than any performance aspirations im morecexcited than i expected to be asked to support the school swing band play watermelon man in the spring (assuming we get there) I can see me building a BASSCHAT speaker cabibet at sone point purely as a project... Well that was longer than i was intending.
  6. Chazzy

    Hey up!

    Your band name resonates with me as a physics teacher.
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