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  1. I've been an Ebay member for about 17 years and never seen anything like these posts before! I obviously haven't looked hard enough before! 😄🔎
  2. I didn't know it had been posted before on eBay but not really surprising! It did make me chuckle but yeah, I can see how it could irritate some people.
  3. Check this one out too!! Funny as!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1977-78-Fender-Jazz-Bass-Guitar/264754366975?hash=item3da49709ff:g:ijYAAOSwW69e2j~Q
  4. At least someone has a sense of humour during these covid times!! Love the photo of the empty guitar stand too! 😂 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980s-Vintage-Air-Guitar/264451163959?hash=item3d92848737:g:pi0AAOSwRaJdbShL
  5. Ah nice one! Nah, just a general everything full tone wise and if you could just back pickup sound then front pickup sound then a balance between the two? Would like to know the slap sound on it and also if it's got a nice honky Jaco' esque back pickup growl! Thanks Steff, really appreciate anything you can whack together! 👍
  6. Hi Steff. Do you have any sound bites of this bass please?
  7. Hi guys! I am the bass player with Sherman Robertson and owner of the mentioned Nightingale bass. I´ve actually got a problem with the circuit board on it and so far have been unable to find anyone who can repair it! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Otherwise, I guess it´ll be a trip down to Brighton to see Bernie and get him to put me a new board in. Someone did mention that to me but I love the sound that I´ve got as it is with the Kent Armstrong PU´s and wouldn´t want to change it´s character.
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