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  1. Trace Elliot foot switch

    recieved dude. cheers.
  2. Feedback for EddyGlee

    After a completely bone drive up the M1 with 2 accidents on each side hindering my journey I have to say it was worth it. I am keen to get up to the clubhouse today to unpack the Peavey kit from my van and see if it makes my ears bleed. Hoping to re-create the screen from a film where the ultimate sound system blows the clothes of the woman. Not gonna tell our lass though unless it works cheers fella.
  3. *SOLD*

    PM sentish, now
  4. gibson thunderbird

    Im a happy bunny, Ordered my Gibson T'bird this afternoon, they don't do it in black anymore so went for the 'classic'. only downside is it could take up to 6 months for it to arrive
  5. Feedback For Cameronj279

    Exellent is the best thing to say I think. I told him I was interested in the Boss BF-3 but did not have the funds till the end of the month and he held it for me. Postage was seemless. I emailed him to say funds were in on Monday night (bank holiday) and the pedal arrived first thing Wednesday. All I can say is its pink. Not been into work so have no spare 9v batts so not sure how it sounds but no doubts it will be fine. Cheers fella.
  6. Sold.

    dude I am interested but not till the end of the month. can you wait that long?
  7. Gibson Thunderbird for sale

    [quote name='Dr T' timestamp='1324032635' post='1469941'] Story of my life bud, no probs thanks anyway [/quote] I don't get my money from the Army after retirement until then at which point I am buying a new Thunderbird. If I line the pockets of someone NOT gibson then i am most happy but such is life. Hope you shift it soon. Merry xmas.
  8. Gibson Thunderbird for sale

    Dude. It does not help you but if this was up for sale in October I would have this off you in a blink of an eye.
  9. Rocking the Thunderbird live

    I bought a Yamaha RBX4something to use instead of my Epiphone TBird mainly because it is lighter but the first gigs that I did I was looking over my shoulder at the TBird and eventually just stopped taking the Yam with me. The looks and the tone of the TBird I love, can't help myself. I bought the Epiphone with money left when my old man died and am looking for another one to take to gigs. The master plan is next year when I leave the army I will treat myself to a Gibsonl, until then I am happy with the Epiphone.
  10. Headless Thunderbird

    Any Updates on how this badboy is going?
  11. funky rocky flea slap cover! kool!

    But can he put a fruit pastel in his mouth without chewin?
  12. I am on the lookout for a case for my trace head. I have currently got a GP12SMX and love it as much as I do I miss the green glow of the old back lit one that I had. I am on the scout for one of the cases that has the uv lamp just in front and underneath to see if I can emulate the lush green glowyness that I luv so. If anyone has done this and kind point me in the right direction as far as 'yes it would fit and work' or otherwise i would be grateful and If anyone has a case they would part with then give me a shout. Many Taa's
  13. Yamaha RBX374 Wiring Shmiring

    Email recieved. Many thanks.