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  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. I have a friend who is a delivery driver so if anyone wants it he may be able to deliver it if required so pm location and I can find out Thanks
  4. It says: Dimensions 20"x23"x14" Weight 34kg Power 350 Speakers 2x10" EBS Other Cabinet made of 13-ply Birch, Feltcovered, chromed steel grill in front Thanks
  5. Hi Have now got a couple of cabs thanks To malc on here so really after a Sale or deal on a Td 660 Thanks
  6. This review says it all! Will put on eBay soon for more money so grab it quick! This is probably the most versatile amp I´ve played. After some years with an Ampeg 410HE and a GK800RB, I changed to this combo, mainly due to the size. But I must admit that the sound of the EBS beats GK+Ampeg with horselengths, as we say here in Sweden. The combo is really wellbuilt with plastic corners that locks together with EBS extensioncabs. It looks great with its steelgrill to protect the speakers, its grey felt and the blue ampsection. The R&D:s at EBS has given a lot of thoughts to the ampsection. It works like any combo with parametric EQ, but with a couple of genious additions. To start with, the characterswitch. This gives a tube-like sound to the amp. Phantompower is possible both in the inputjack and the effectsloop inputjack. No more batteryfailures in your bassguitar or stompbox. On the sweepable mid there´s a notchfilter. Wit this feature you can get rid of unwanted feedback. The amp is built to give full effect to the built in speakers, unlike for example SWR Redhead, that gives full effect when you use an extensioncab. This gives the EBS a huge amount of volume regarding to it´s size. (I have never even needed to turn the volumepot halfway.) Instead EBS offers a range of powered cabs to connect to it. Of cause there´s a built in filter with sweepable crossover to bi-amp the unit.
  7. Hi Think the Neo speakers are with the Neo gorm cabs . Happy to ship if buyer arranges courier. Will need to find a box first tho
  8. Yeah silly money for a pro rig. Last one on here (working) went for £750 in jan 2011! Wanted to offer cheap on here to fellow bc members as been great to me over the years . If doesn't sell quickly then I'll advertise locally for the correct price or keep it. These really are gold dust and the mark bass combo (jeff Berlin) I had before was no comparison!
  9. I wish I'd of had something this good when I was learning. The sound you get is incredible and you want the best start when your learning. Good thing with the ebs gear is that if you where to sell then you'd get your money back but chances are you won't! Only reason I'm selling is that I have the td650 head which don't use because of the combo so want to start using the head which will when this goes. Has anyone run an extension cab of one of these? Can't see you would have but wanted to check for the above. Thanks
  10. Hi I'm sure you can although to be honest I've never tried or never needed to as the combo will shake your house! I've only ever notched it up slightly and never got to half volume as more than loud enough for any gig I've done. Any fellow bass chat member tried ?
  11. its also on casters so easy to move about and handy handles on the side of the combo
  12. Reluctantly selling my Combo as after pair of ebs 110 or 112. Would consider doing a deal with an ebs td660. Amazing combo and would be hard pushed to get anything of this quality for the price. Amazing sound and extremely loud for such a small combo. Thanks Wayne
  13. £100. Need the space . Absolute bargain. Pennies for such a good cab
  14. Ok no problem . Parcel 2 go is very cheap. Thanks
  15. I'm happy for courier but cab quite heavy so not sure how much to send Thanks
  16. Will sell speakers separately or cab empty if required. Need the space back in my lounge now! Anyone?
  17. Hi I think it's 8ohms and 300w . I'm sure a fellow member in here will no more than myself. Unfortunately the plate came off on the back that tells you. It's mega loud and only used it at a fraction on the volume and such a big sound. Hope that helps
  18. Last chance before eBay or will take speakers out and sell seperatly. Mega cheap for awesome cab
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