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  1. I think you could get it cheaper than that.  To me it’s worth that money all day long when you compare it to fodera and Alembic etc which is crazy money.  This bass plays like a dream- got one virtually identical otherwise would snap it up .  

  2. A couple of my toys - a 5 string spitfire and 4 rumour with full led light display -  can’t praise these masterpieces from Bernie enough-  just need a fretless and will be a very happy boy !


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  3. 6 minutes ago, barkin said:

    Or 2 sockets on one of the cabs.

    At the moment I have the Reidmar 750 and have two ebs 112’s.  They are 8ohm each - they have a link in the back to add another cab but not sure if it will be too powerful for them 

  4. Yes that is indeed the problem finding a decent tech .

    have to say I took out my Reidmar 750 on Saturday and It was so responsive and what a sound!  That in itself has softened the worry burden.  I think what I will do is always carry a spare in my lead bag which is not a bad thing anyway.   The only annoying thing is that it’s mainly designed for a single cab , like a 410, so not ideal for two neo 112’s which I also use.  My td 650 gave me all the options so now face a new dilemma lol 

    oh the joys of being a bass player 😂


  5. Appreciate all the comments and advice guys.   I have spoke to a few different people that are in the know and they said that some of the d class amps and basically machine made-  precision placed on the board and a lot are not repairable as no room to get to stuff etc.  I’m sure they are well tested and wouldn’t sell them if no good but is certainly food for thought for me.  I think most of the d class amps are meant to sit on the cab so that all the cut outs etc can allow the air flow.  I don’t really like the idea of rack mounting it for this reason but I also don’t like the idea of sitting it on top of the cab in a busy pub with beer flowing about.   Who knows .....

  6. Hi guys- he said he checked everything and it was all fine - said that some of these d class amps are not that repairable.  Guess will just have to wait and see or go back to an old school head and have a d class amp for back up maybe 

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  7. Hi guys -

    recently got a d class amp - it’s the ebs Reidmar 750.  Had it checked out by a top tech locally as the guy i got it from said it cut out a few times.  All works fine now but he said some of these d class amps are so compact they can quite often over heat.  The fail safe in these amps are quite sensitive and so will cut out.  Noticed the fans are obviously quite small now as well.  I had a td 650 before which was very robust and now wondering if should switch back.  My td before was in a flight case and was more reassuring to be housed in there and less likely to get anything spilled over on it.  I think housing these d class amps will really restrict any air flow as don’t seem to be designed for it.  What are everyone’s thoughts ?  Appreciate any advice -

    thanks guys 

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